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New 4 Star Review on Goodreads and Amazon for UPON YOUR RETURN!

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's review Aug 31, 13
4 of 5 stars bookshelves: marie-lavender

This book is a historical romance set during the 1800's in France. I'm not really one who reads historical romance novels, but I did enjoy this one. Some of the words I didn't understand, because they were in french, but that didn't take away from the book. I loved the history of this book. I could really see the beautiful dresses, the horse driven carriages, and how big of an event the opera was.

All Fara wants is to find love, but society dictates otherwise. During that time, women didn't get to make their own choices, but Fara was bound and determined to make her own. She has a brain and definitely wants to use it. That was rather difficult while living with her uncle since he was so strict. She was afraid that she would have to marry without love. Her uncle is bound and determined to find her…

New 5 Star Review for A MISPLACED LIFE!

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5.0 out of 5 starsShort but gets to the point quicklyAugust 30, 2013 BySue Van Format:Paperback Although this is a fairly short story, the author does an excellent job of bringing the plot together in a very timely manner. I enjoyed how quickly the plot came together and finished.

Although I might have changed Alexa's ability to show herself to everyone sooner, it was great that she was finally able to get to the guy who killed her.

I have had a hard time in the past with short stories because I felt they were incomplete. I did not feel that way about his story.

It's a very strong read and one I would highly recommend.

NEW REVIEW on Amazon!

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5.0 out of 5 stars loved it!, August 23, 2013


Allyson Michelle -

This review is from: Upon Your Return (Paperback)

I received this book thru the author for an honest review. First off I loved the cover. It's beautiful and fits this story! This is a love story set in the 1860's France. It's a sad, heartwarming & a beautiful story. Fara is orphaned and awarded to her uncle who will choose a husband for her. He choose a man who endangered her and she was rescued by a sea captain. I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't read it but this story has lots of twist and turns. I was hooked from the first chapter. I will be reading more books from Marie Lavender.

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New Book Review for UPON YOUR RETURN on Readers' Favorite!

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 Upon Your Return
by Marie Lavender
Romance - Historical
353 Pages
Reviewed on 08/02/2013
Book Review  Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite

Fara Bellamont has a problem; her uncle Michel. She returns to his estate as an adult, after being raised by nuns in Burgundy following the death of her parents. However, she discovers he is intent on finding her a husband -— whether she wants one or not. In Upon Your Return we get to know Fara right away and learn of her parents' death and her desire for a life of adventure. Fara is not at all like other young French women of the 1860s: she’s strong-willed and longs for independence. Marie Lavender does a great job of pulling the reader in from the very first word. Early in the story, Uncle Michel tells Fara of her engagement at her celebratory dinner, to a man she’d met only moments before. Enraged and guileless, Fa…

4 Star Review for Express Cafe and Other Ramblings!

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Book Review Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Express Cafe and Other Ramblings by Heather Crouse is a collection of stories dealing with human emotions and the path life takes. All the stories are different from one another but the theme is the same. Some of them are inspiring and some are ones with a motivational message. Though the stories and characters differ, they link to the same theme. The stories are simple and short, and easy to read. Readers will relate to this kind of writing.

There are a few poems as well, an addition which I found unique and appealing. It breaks the prose and gives a different voice to the book. It also amplifies the motivational tone of the book. The poem 'Taking A Moment' where the author speaks about being taken to the core of one's being is very inspiring and motivating.

Express Cafe and Other Ramblings by Heather Crouse
Short Story - Fiction
140 Pages

New 5 star review on Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars

New to Historical Romance thanks to this story!!!, August 18, 2013


Johnnie-Marie Howard

This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)

I can honestly say that this was my 1st time reading a historical romance and I loved it...I couldn't put the book down it was good...I really liked how the main character tried hard to be a socialite at the same time being herself and falling in love.. I so felt bad for all the bad things that happened to her, child birth by herself unmarried, love of her life going away, almost being killed, raped... it was a really really great love story.

I'm actually really surprised that I liked it normally I would have stayed away from historical romance novels but this one just opened my mind up to a hole new view on that matter I guess you just need that extra push and a really great novel like this on to do that.

Let me see, Fara was this independent strong lady that tried to fit in no matter what and fell in love with the wr…

Hands Tied: What Sells?


Interview on Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains

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Saturday, 17 August 2013Saturday Storyteller Interview: Marie Lavender Please welcome Marie to our blog today as she talks heroes and turn ons! What’s your name and where do you come from?    My name is Marie Lavender.  I live in the Midwest with my family and three cats. Tell us a bit about your latest release.   My latest book is Upon Your Return.  It is a historical romance set in France in the 1860s.  It is the first book of the Heiresses in Love series. How do you go about creating the perfect "Swoon" worthy man?   Each hero’s characteristics really come out as I’m writing the story.  I may be inspired by a picture or someone I saw, but mainly what the man looks like just comes from my imagination. What’s your biggest turn on?   I have a thing for accents.  Don’t get me started.  When I watch a movie with a hot man who also has an accent, that just makes me sigh a little. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever d…

Interview on the Meet the Author blog!

*This originally posted here, but I will put it below as well.

Marie Lavender


Indiana / U.S.A.

Age:32 years old

Question:How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since the age of nine.
Question:What was the name of the first book you ever published, and when was it published?

I first published a book in 2010'.It was titled "Express Café and Other Ramblings".
Question:Was this book published by a publisher; or did you self-publish?

I self-published it under a pen name.
Question:Tell our readers about this very first book.(For example:What was the inspiration for writing it, and what was it about)?

Basically, I wanted to compile all of my short stories and poems together into one book.It was an anthology.There is no specific theme to the book though.Most of the stories are literary fiction.
Question:Can a person still buy this book?If so, where?
Yes, it is available on LULU and Amazon.