New poem - "Erotic Love"

Erotic Love

In your arms, I feel free.
You touch my skin and I am awash with feeling, my body tingling.

You pull me close and I feel such peace.

You trace the edge of my breast, fascinated.

My breath catches.

I find the interesting notch on each hipbone.  What is that called?  A love handle?  I travel my lips over each one and your body jerks.

We kiss deep and slow, and somehow I’m not thinking anymore.  It’s just about you.

The erotic wonder when you let down your guard, when I can make you wild and you lose your careful control.
It is not just about sex.  What we are and what we have has always been deeper.

Intimacy is erotic.

Our bodies free of clothing, you hold me close and we talk freely.

I love the careful weight of your arm around me.  Draped over you, I have access to your body.

We can lie quietly - the pleasant sensation of being near is enough - or we can talk low of everything and nothing.

I love your mouth on mine.  I sink deep into your kisses, our breaths mingling, until time seems to stop.

I love your mouth on my body, tantalizing, until the pleasure is overwhelming.

You are an addiction, a drug to my senses.

I could drown in your nearness forever, gaze into your eyes for eternity.

You are everything to me.  What we have is beyond words and beyond time.
 Hold me close.  This is all I need, my head placed just so on your shoulder, your hand on my hip.

I lift my mouth to yours.

Let the outside world drift away for awhile.

You are mine, and I am yours.

That’s all that matters.



  1. I read the title and thought, mm, I'm not into erotica but knowing you I read on. It's very beautiful, great stuff, Maria.

  2. Yes, Kathleen...I did the same thing--and we were both right: Marie has crafted a beautiful, loving, moving poem.


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