New Review for UPON YOUR RETURN!

UPON YOUR RETURN just earned a new five star review!

Upon Your Return is about Fara Bellamont, her trials, and her love for a man. Her character intrigued me. She was sweet, yet downright tough if she had to be. She had her own mind, yet she was vulnerable. She was smart, naive, and determined.

It’s apparent that her parents love her, but they leave her with a caregiver at such a tender age. She had to have been devastated because she was absolutely abandoned by them. That alone is enough to affect her for the rest of her life. But to make matters worse, her parents die at sea. One of the most precious gifts a child has as they grew up is feeling safe, so now with their deaths what feelings of safety she may have had are gone.

Then she moves in with her Uncle who is cold and really doesn’t care about her as a human being but as a project that was forced on him. He doesn’t show her that he cares about her leave alone that he loves her. He betrays her by setting-up her future with men who will also betray her.

So of course when she meets her night in shining armor she is not going to fall into his arms and believe he’s her one and only. It’s very logical that she’s unsure about him and doesn’t trust that he will stick with her until the end.

When she moves in with an aunt, it seemed she gains some balance in her life knowing that she cares for.

The end caught me off guard for a moment, but then I saw it as an ending that we’d see in a movie.

I very much enjoyed this novel. The most important thing when I read a novel is liking the protagonist, and I do love Fara.