Nine European Cities You Should Visit in 2020 by Rebecca Siggers

9 European Cities You Should Visit in 2020:

a guest post by Rebecca Siggers

People begin every year with all sorts of wish-lists and resolutions. One of the most common tasks that people set out for themselves at the beginning of the year is to travel to their favorite holiday destinations. Amongst the many places that people love to visit, Europe happens to offer the most amazing cities for travelers. If you are one of those people who are always on the lookout for exciting places to visit and have never been to Europe before, then this post is just the right place to start.

Further, in this post, you will read about some of the most amazing European cities where you can travel to in the year 2020. These cities are handpicked, especially for someone who is visiting Europe for the first time. Here is the list of top cities you must check out there.   

1.    Amsterdam, Netherlands


Image by Laura Montagnani from Pixabay


Amsterdam is among the most beautiful cities out there in the Netherlands. It happens to have some exciting locations to visit. Amsterdam is full of charm and has a royal heritage to boast off. You can take a cruise in the famous canals of the city, explore the beautiful architecture of monuments, and even get to try the ever-delicious beers of the Netherlands.  

People usually consider the Netherlands to be a perfect country to start a tour of Europe. So, if European cities are a part of your traveling plans, then we suggest that you ensure it is Amsterdam from where you begin.

2.    Rome, Italy

Image by Nimrod Oren from Pixabay

There is a very common Roman proverb that goes— “when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Rome certainly gives all the reasons for its tourists to embrace its culture. The beautiful city in Italy is known for its heritage and people take pride in carrying their culture for years. Visiting art galleries and museums in Rome is something that every traveler must try.

Italy is one of the first countries that comes to the mind for individuals when one talks about Europe. The people are amazing, their food is delicious, and the overall experience of spending time in the city is worth every second you spend there.            

3.    Istanbul, Turkey

Image by Eduart Bejko from Pixabay

Istanbul might not be the first place that might pop up in your mind when it comes to traveling in Europe, but it is undoubtedly a place that you must consider going to. The city of Istanbul offers unique places and scenery for you to appreciate. Taking the Bosphorus Cruise to get a tour of the entire city is something that you must not miss out on. There are endless flea markets in the city that will allow you to get your hands on some fabulous artifacts there.               

4.    Stockholm, Sweden

Image by Giraffew from Pixabay

Stockholm is yet another European city that deserves to be in your dream travel destination list. Amongst the different towns that we mention in this list, Stockholm is one of the richest cities out there. The city has a great history and places to visit. It is the home to UNESCO’s two world heritage sites, which are big attractions to  tourists. Birka and Drottningholm Palace are the oldest tourist destinations where you must go. 

If you are a history buff, then you would love to know more about the past of Stockholm by visiting the Skansen air museum. Stockholm has some of the hottest restaurants to visit in the entire country of Sweden. From the classic Den Gyldene Freden to the amazing Gondolen, there are some trendy restaurants that you may want to try.

5.    Poznan, Poland

Image by Erwin Nowak from Pixabay

Poznan is another historical city on our list of top places to visit in Europe. One of the oldest cities in Poland, Poznan is a beautiful place to explore and learn about the country. It has some unmatchable monuments and old buildings that have very interesting stories which go along with them. The Franciscan Church and many other grand cathedrals are worth a visit in the city.

A tour in Poznan does not cost you much and it happens to be a place that one can visit any time of the year. If the purpose of your trip to Europe is to get a break from work and get away from all the city rush, then Poznan is where you should be heading to. You can get your much-needed silence here and relax easily.           

6.    Geneva, Switzerland

Image by Luis Francisco Pizarro Ruiz from Pixabay

Geneva offers you endless reasons to visit. Different attractive locations, a vibrant environment, delicious food, and the unmissable shopping stores make Geneva a definite place to consider for a visit. If you are someone who loves adventures, then the watersports in Geneva are something that you must try. Scuba diving and rafting are two activities that tourists seek to do in this city.

The French culture highly influences Geneva, and as a tourist, you'll notice it too. The city is home to the UN and many other relevant international organizations in Europe. Lake Geneva and the English Garden are two highly recommended places that we suggest you visit this New Year.

7.    Venice, Italy

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

There is no doubt about the fact that Venice is very popular among tourists from all over the world. The city is full of colors and has a vibrant culture that goes along with it. Being an Italian city, Venice has delicious food to offer that is full of flavors.

If you start your trip to Italy from Venice, then you should also consider a road trip from there to Rome where you can enjoy the scenery while driving there. Traveling by road to Venice is hassle-free. You can manage your luggage by investing in a top-quality roof rack during this road trip while exploring some of the grandest hotels available there.

Venice is well-known as the ‘city of canals,’ and you can take a tour of the whole place by going on a cruise. St. Mark's Square and the Grand Canal are some destinations in Venice that you must not miss out on.

8.    London, England

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

London is not just one popular city in Europe, but it happens to be among the most visited cities in the world too. Millions of tourists visit London every day to explore this city of the royal family. There are so many attractions for London visitors that even after spending a week there, you might not be able to explore all of them. Despite how crowded the city is, London is still a lot calmer compared to other big metro cities in the world. Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the magnificent Buckingham Palace are just a few of the many significant places to visit in the capital of England.

9.    Budapest, Hungary

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay
Budapest has everything that one can ask for from a tourist destination. Easy commuting, beautiful spaces, friendly people, and less expensive accommodations make Budapest worth recommending. This unique city of Hungary has an amazing nightlife that every party-lover would enjoy.

If you happen to begin your journey to Europe with Budapest, then we suggest that you take a bike tour of the whole city to know it closely. Sailing in the Danube river is also something that you should do when in Budapest.

Awesome, now I have the traveling bug, for sure! ;) Thanks, Rebecca.

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Rebecca Siggers is a working Designer and passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the latest fashion tips and lifestyle trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help out.    


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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine by Rebecca Siggers

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine:

a guest post by Rebecca Siggers

Jill Wellington, Pixabay

Wine is one of the most favored libations across the world. The richness and sweetness of this drink are not the only reasons for its popularity. There are many other surprising yet lesser-known facts of this drink. Some may even say that wine is a thing that you should consume if you want to live a healthy and long life. It is indeed true, and also you will agree to this once we highlight the benefits of wine. Be it red, white, or rose, all wines have their unique taste, and more than that, the interests that each one of them has to offer.

Lengthens Life

Yes, you heard it right! And this is no superstition, it is sheer reality, and even science backs it. Many elements in wine nurture the functioning of your body. With moderate consumption of wine, your heart, brain, and liver stay healthy. All of this adds to the cumulative betterment of your body and lengthens your life. 

Messan Edoh, Pixabay
Reduces Extra Inches

Obesity is a significant problem today; alcohol is considered to be the foe of the ones suffering from it. Well, wine is not a foe but instead a friend. Ellagic acid is one of the primary compounds in wine, and it aids in weight loss. So, next time you plan a calorie deficient diet, make sure you include a moderate amount of red wine in it.

Devastates Acne

Acne is a gross skin condition, yet we can seldom get rid of it. But what if you just enjoyed a chilled drink and that beverage reduced the acne? That is true with wine. Wine has properties that are a blessing for your skin. It fights existing acne and even reduces breakouts. 

Oldiefan, Pixabay

Prevents Alzheimer's

The cases of Alzheimer’s disease have increased gradually over the years. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this condition in an individual. Genetics and medical history play their part, but even not taking proper care of your brain is a reason. Just like any other body part, your mind needs some special nutrition for optimum functioning. 

Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Enhances Heart Health

Red wine is usually known to be beneficial to the heart. The compound resveratrol is used in many medicines and is very effective in maintaining heart health. Consuming red wine in an adequate amount will be a boon for your heart in the long term.

Slows Aging

There might be a hundred different things that you will try to stay young forever. The fountain of youth has not been discovered yet, but there is something that can elongate the process of aging.

Steve Buissinne, Pixabay

It is none other than wine, it is the elixir that is joyous for your taste buds and unlike many other alcoholic drinks, it is suitable for your skin as well. It promotes the production of collagen, which is the main building block for healthy skin.

Jerzy Górecki, Pixabay

Decreases Liver Fat

Liver fat is a common phenomenon that arises among people who consume alcohol. But most wine drinkers have a healthy liver. Fatty liver can be troublesome, and getting rid of that is not the most straightforward task. Wine not only restricts the production of liver fat but also decreases the already existing fats in the liver.

Improves Eyesight

The aforementioned 'resveratrol' is a magical compound that has numerous health benefits, found in several food items and used in various medicines. This compound is very beneficial for the eyes, as well. It keeps your eyes nourished with fresh blood. As red wine promotes proper blood flow in the vessels, which in turn retains good eyesight

PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Highlights Whites

Your teeth are your first impression, and they should be shiny and appealing. With all the food that you consume and your busy schedule, it is a tough task to keep them pearl white. Wine has properties that keep your teeth white and healthy.

Lesly Juarez, Unsplash

Eases Stress

Stress has become a significant problem today, every three out of five individuals fall prey to this silent killer. It is one of the most underrated conditions, yet it is imperative. Wine is a stress buster; it eases your stress and even keeps you from going into depression. With the appropriate amount of wine per week, your stress index reduces, and you are highly unlikely to fall into depression.

These are some of the miraculous benefits of wine of which you might not have known. It has a plethora of advantages and also is a splendid drink to enjoy at a party or after a hectic day at work.



Santos-Buch, Greig. “Ten Surprising Red Wine Health Benefits You Should Know About.” Winetraveler, Wine Traveler, LLC, 2018.

Blanchard, Jessica. “Fourteen Surprising Health Benefits of Wine.” Lifehack,

Wow, good to know! ;)

Guest Blogger Bio


Rebecca Siggers is a working Designer and passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the latest fashion tips and lifestyle trends all around the globe. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help out.    


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