Thorne & Cross!

Hi, readers! So...I have cool news!

This Thursday, August 30th, yours truly will be on Thorne & Cross's Haunted Nights Live! radio show. Hosts and writer team Alistair Cross and Tamara Thorne will read a sizzling excerpt from my paranormal romance, Blood Instincts, and they'll be interviewing me about my work, as well as whatever else randomly comes to them.

It should be a fun time for all! I've been on their show in the past, and it was always an enjoyable experience. 

You do not want to miss the radio interview, but if you do it will be uploaded to the site afterward. Here is the link: 

If you'd like to tune in live, you'll find the details here on BlogTalkRadio, or you can find more updates on the Thorne & Cross blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. The show runs on Thursdays at 5 pm Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern. 

Here is the updated link (the aforementioned one will last until the end of the year):

Don't forget, and enjoy your week! ;)

Double Awesome Reviews!

Great news! Yesterday I discovered these cool reviews for my books…


Blood Instincts, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy (with a slightly futuristic angle)

on August 16, 2018
I’ve not read the first volume in the Blood at First Sight series. I enjoyed this book as a stand alone work with no problem. 
The story revolves around Oliver, a vampire, and Myah, whose father was a vampire and whose mother was human. They were not supposed to be able to have children, so Myah is special. Myah does not know her heritage , and the story revolves around Oliver’s attempt to introduce her to the life of an “other.”

The book was easy to read, interesting, and enjoyable. The plot moved quickly. The romantic scenes were detailed and sensuous. The author led me to care about Myah. I found myself feeling rather protective of her and becoming concerned whenever I suspected that any other creature – human or otherwise – might harm her.

I will confess that I do not often read paranormal romance. I was drawn to the book because I have enjoyed dome of the author’s other work. However, I found Blood Instincts to be enjoyable and well-worth a read.


Heiresses in Love Trilogy, a historical romance boxed set (covers the entire Heiresses in Love Series)

Fara doesn’t want to risk her heart but she does, and what will happen?
 Chloe doesn’t tell the whole truth to a man she loves.

Adrienne…will she fight for love or fall?

All of these stories were well written by a great author. The reader will be gripped to the pages waiting to find out what happens. Great word building and great characters you want to see good things happen to.

Wow! Thanks, David and Barbara, for your kind comments! ♥

Taking a Break from MLB

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