Spotlight: Isobelle Cate Visits to Talk About Sexy Paranormal Romance, MY HAVEN, MY MIDNIGHT!

Today, fellow author Isobelle Cate is stopping by to talk about her latest book in the Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series!

Hello, Isobelle! As always, it's a pleasure to see you. Welcome to the MLB blog! :)


Hello! Thanks for having me.

My pleasure! Let me ask a few questions since you're here...
All right.

Can you tell us a little about your latest book? When did it come out and where can we get it?

My Haven, My Midnight came out on June 22nd  last year. It’s about Colin Butler and Amaryllis Hart. 

Amaryllis Hart has lived a hard life. Falsely accused of theft, she decides to live the life thrown at her until one encounter throws her into a world she does not believe exists and into the arms of the immortal who steals her heart. Colin Butler, Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors and his second, Craig Shaw, return to Leeds abruptly after a secret Colin has been keeping for centuries, returns. In their attempts to keep it under wraps, another situation blows up in their faces, bringing Colin face to face with his past and his future—a violet eyed beauty who heals his soul. As luck would have it, Colin’s secret is unearthed. To top it all, Dac Valerian and Herod D’Argyl are in Leeds and the Ancients’ enforcer arrives to pass judgement on the Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors. Colin has to make the hardest decision of his life. Either he walks away from the past that will forever haunt him or make up for a past he had no control of and lose the woman he loves.


So, what inspired you to write this book? How did you get into writing paranormal romance?

This book was the natural progression in the series following the Battle of the Specus Argentum in Midnight’s Fate. I felt that when I wrote part of what Colin did in La Nahuaterique, there was a story somewhere. So it just came to me that he had a secret that he needed to keep from his fellow Cynn Cruors. However, in My Haven My Midnight, things do not go as planned.

I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal. I loved reading vampire and shifter romances but then I could not find any about vampire/ werewolf hybrids. That’s how the Cynn Cruors Bloodline series was born.


Tell us...what, do you feel, sets your book apart from other books in the genre? 

My books not only deal with vampires and werewolves. They deal with a hybrid that has vampire, werewolf, and human blood – something that I’ve not seen in the genre. I am slowly building the world they inhabit, a world within the human world. The Cynn Cruors look like any one of us and to a certain extent they can expose themselves to sunlight, that’s why no one will really notice that they are a paranormal race.

Please give us a teaser or two of the book if you can.

Excerpt 1

“Where are you?” Colin moved away from the group even as he opened his telepathic link with his men. He left the security room and made a beeline for the alleyway.
Keep Seth and the rest occupied.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.”
There was an angry growl. “I’m not Mackenzie. I haven’t been for a very long time.”
“Then why call me, brother?” Colin knew he was goading Mackenzie. He could not help it. The need to know if his brother was still inside that Scatha shell was overpowering. He was desperate. He wanted his brother back. He wanted his fellow Cynn Cruor returned. Mack had always been a bit short-tempered, ever since their parents died. Colin pushed the fire door and walked into the alley.
“Fuck you!”
Colin’s hand rested on his hip and he looked up at the sky framed by the buildings’ rooftops. Yup, his brother was still there. A humorless smile crossed Colin’s mouth. “That’s quite a unique name you’ve given me.” When he heard a moan in the background, Colin lowered his head, his eyes narrowing at the brick wall in front of him. “Where are you, Mackenzie?”
“I’m not—”
“No matter what you think or do or say, you’re still brĂ thair to me.”
A painful moan.
“What the bloody hell did you do now?” Colin asked, his voice furious. He paced the alley.
“Always my fault, isn’t it?” Mackenzie accused. “I didn’t want to be a Scatha. You made it happen but it will always be my fault. Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that you’re to blame?”
Colin’s chest tightened with the guilt that never left him since Mackenzie’s transformation. Now was not the time or place to dwell on it. “Where is she? I swear to God if you hurt her—”
“I’m the worse Scatha there is. I’ve got a fucking bloody conscience! I hate it!” His brother snapped before muttering, “I don’t know why the fuck I’m doing this.”
Colin kept quiet, his empty hand curling. “Where are you?” He repeated. “Let her go. Leave her in a place where we can pick her up. I won’t chase after you tonight.”
“No. I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?” Colin blazed, pacing the narrow alley. He bluffed. “We know where the Scatha lair is.”
“I’m sure you do, but I’m not there.”
“We’re just running in circles, Mackenzie.”
“I’m here. At the Faesten.”
“What?” Colin stopped dead. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want the Scathas to know about her.” He sighed, resigned. “She needs the Cynn Cruors’ protection.”

Excerpt 2

“Mack nicked you.” He reached out. Amaryllis flinched at the soreness on the side of her throat.
“It’s not that bad,” she spoke softly, more aware of the fiery trail of his thumb against her skin. She turned her head slightly, her eyes never leaving his until she opened her mouth and sucked his thumb tasting the coppery taste of her blood on his skin.
Colin’s breath hissed.
As though she were in a trance, her right leg lifted, her knee slowly hitching up his waist. She moved her arms, planting her palms on the sides of his huge shoulders. Blood thundered in her ears, sound rushing around her like a bullet train. Her breath turned to quick pants. Colin angled his right leg underneath her to raise her left leg and widen the gap at the apex of her thighs. He moved his hips and Amaryllis sucked in her breath, closing her eyes when his erection brushed against her sweet spot.


Colin chuckled, his eyes turning back to green. “You still can’t leave.”
Amaryllis felt as though she had been slapped. She shoved off him. “Damn you.”
Colin stood up and fixed himself. His smile did not reach his eyes. “I already am.”
He pivoted to the door. “Stay here,” he ordered again. “If you attempt to escape, I’ll put you on my knee and spank that sweet ass until it becomes red.”
“Ugh!” Amaryllis gasped, anger making her blood boil. In a fit, she looked around and saw a glass vase by the side of the bed. She sprinted for it and hurled it like a cricket ball at Colin’s back before it shattered on the floor. She gasped, fear suddenly spiking her heart rate.
Oh shit.
Heart in her throat, Amaryllis stared wide eyed at him when he turned around. Instead of ranting, Colin laughed softly before closing the door.


Quite a bit of suspense and tension in the first teaser, and definitely a lot of hot passion in the second! Right up my alley, for sure! ;)

Let's try another question, okay? 
I'm sure readers are curious about your next writing project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now or is that a secret?

My next project is the 6th book in the series, Midnight’s Paradox. This is Blake’s story. He’s the youngest Cynn Cruor belonging to the Manchester Faesten and he left them for no reason at all (see Rapture at Midnight). We will see here now why and this will not be complete without a love interest.

After all, this is a paranormal romance. ;)


Thanks so much for stopping by to tell us about My Haven, My Midnight, Isobelle! 

Thank you for having me, Marie!

I assure you, the honor is mine. :)

Readers, you'll just have to pick up a copy of this steamy paranormal romance!
Here is the blurb for My Haven, My Midnight.
An enchanting damsel in distress…and the sexy immortal that longs to claim her.
For Amaryllis Hart, it’s just one thing after the other. After escaping an abusive uncle, she finds herself working for Jack Crawley, a sinister human who betrays her and sells her without hesitation to the evil shape-shifting Scatha Cruors—a fine way to repay her for being his most trusted lieutenant (and source of mind-blowing sex) all these years. All of a sudden, she’s tossed into a world she can’t believe exists: the Scatha battling the heroic vampire/werewolf hybrids known as the Cynn Cruors … and thrown into the arms of one such immortal who steals her heart.

Colin Butler and Craig Shaw, both Cynn Cruors, return to Leeds abruptly after a secret Colin has been keeping for centuries resurfaces to haunt him. Could it be his long lost little brother, with whom he watched his parents brutally murdered centuries ago, is alive and working with the vile Scatha Cruors?

Colin must come face to face with his past, and his future—Amaryllis, the violet-eyed beauty he longs to do more for than just rescue. She makes his blood curdle with desire…and she heals his soul.

Unbearable tensions mount as Colin and Amaryllis embark on a passionately hot love affair they can’t resist. But when Dac Valerian and Herod D’Argyl—two of the Scatha Cruors’ most dangerous leaders—turn up in Leeds, Colin has to make the hardest decision of his life: walk away from his past, or avenge the brutality bestowed on his family and lose the woman he loves—forever.

***CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY***
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Sounds like a sexy, paranormal ride!
About the Author:

Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fueled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.

Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.


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