How to Organically Increase Your Site Traffic by Max Jones

 How to Organically Increase Your Site Traffic:

a guest post by Max Jones

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Nowadays, most of the companies or any other businesses are working on their sites. You may wonder why they are putting so much effort toward their websites. Here is the clear answer to that.

Approximately, all of the companies around the world are increasing their customers through digital marketing. The first and most important factor of having successful digital marketing is to develop a comprehensive website so that it can present the company it should serve.

In addition to that, the Corona pandemic has decreased customers’ visits to many shops or companies in person. So, people will definitely search the Internet for different products or services online as they have no other possible choice.

Therefore, it is so important that a company website should have noticeable traffic as it will result in more website visits.

Here are some good practical tips that can boost your site traffic organically.


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Improve Your Page Speed with Lazy Load


What does this term mean in SEO? 


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It means to prolong the amount of time that a site or a recourse (mostly not critical) should consume to load a specific page. In other words, media, such as pictures or videos, will only be loaded when they are visible on the page or clicked by a site visitor.

It has three main benefits for your site in terms of reduction rate in the following factors:

·         Initial page load time
·         Initial page weight
·         System resource usage


All these factors will impact your site performance positively. Page Speed is a ranking factor, and it should be vital in your considerations when you are contacting a web design agency for help. Faster loading time for your pages will result in visiting your pages more than before that it will decrease your bounce rate as well.


Improve Click-through Rate for Pages Ranking on Page One


It is globally accepted in the SEO community that pages with a higher click-through rate can help increase rankings. But even if it is not completely true, more clicks will result in more visitors per day! So, improving your site CTR is always a good thing to work on.



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Most people who are searching for something on Google never skip the first results. So, focusing on improving CTR for your first-page ranking is highly recommended. 


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You should first install and sign in to the Google Search Console and search for keywords that have these factors:


·  Make sense

·  Not branded terms for other company names

·   Has a reasonable number of impressions

·  Have a lower-than-average click-through rate


Then you should choose the best keywords so that you will have more clicks and visitors.


Send Emails to Everyone You Link To


When you are making specific links as a guest blogger, you may have to find some prospects, vet them, find their emails and somehow naturally ask them to link to your site.

The main intent of these emails are not just to make some links. This way you can freely increase your relationship and connection to new people so that you might have more visitors as a promotion by them.

If you just keep these tiny tips in mind, you will have a lot easier way to do it.

First, you need to take note of all sites you are linking to. Then you will only link to those pages you respect their content. Then, you should find their emails and just send them a quick note. Just to let them know you have linked to them.

This strategy does not guarantee an immediate link, but it is a good way to ignite the conversation. And the influencers will recognize your site.


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Add Internal Links to Your New Pages


When you add internal links to your pages, you have improved your site crawl-ability, get more speed for your pages to be indexed and also these links will distribute Page Rank to your other pages so that you can rank higher in Google.

It is suggested that firstly you search for topically relevant pages on your site that you can link from immediately after you publish a new post. All you need to do is to use a keyword included in your new post that is related to your previous one and simply link it.


Perform an Annual Content Audit


A content audit is where you analyze all content on your site to see whether it should be kept, updated, deleted, or redirected. 


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Content audits can take several hours to do, but you will surely see the result within a few months.

For example, by cutting down some of the old pages, you can direct all the visitors to other pages that matter to you more. 


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Sometimes you also redirect the old ones to the new posts since they provide richer content. So, do not hesitate to modify the number of your posts.


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Guest Blogger Bio 

Max Jones is a passionate, part-time blogger from Australia and into traveling, writing articles, and gaming. He is a freelance teacher. He lives happily with his family in Sydney.

Feel free to contact him on Twitter.


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Thanks again, Max! We hope to see you back on MLB sometime. 

As always, happy reading, everyone! Have a great weekend! :)

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