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Radio interview!

Hi, readers! Catch me in a radio interview tomorrow at 7PM Eastern on Cover 2 Cover with Jami and Michele ! We'll be talking about writing full length novels or serial shorts. It should be a fun interview with very talented authors, Jami & Michele! I look forward to it!  :)

Vampires Rule!

Vampires Rule! by Marie Lavender As I so often like to hashtag my posts related to the paranormal, I’ll start off with a simple, yet apropos statement. Vampires rule!  There’s just something about the undead that appeals to some of us. Fans of paranormal fiction and urban fantasy, as well as its authors, are behind me in this declaration. Even paranormal film lovers can understand. But, what is it about these fanged alphas or chicks who can kick some serious butt that draw us in?    Is it the taboo of the blood craving?  Is it the dead sexy vibe these characters exude? Why do we keep reading about vampires, keep yearning for more?  I’d like to think the stories are compelling enough that they stand on their own, that readers follow the series they love. So, perhaps that’s a part of it.  But, maybe it’s also the allure of the unknown, or the idea that – and what paranormal reader hasn’t wondered – vampires could exist i

Spotlight: Daryl Devore Visits to Talk About Her Latest Release!

Today, we're doing something a little different. Daryl Devore is stopping by to talk about her fascinating new book! Hello, Daryl! It's great to have you on MLB.  :)   Hello! Thanks so much for having me!   My pleasure, of course! So, let me ask a few questions since you're here... All right. Can you tell us a little about your latest book? When did it come out and where can we get it?   FL.E.S.H. is my latest erotic romance. It was released about a month ago. The title stands for Flame's Electrifying Sexy Heat. I wanted to use 'Erotic' in the title to snag readers, but my publisher pointed out that a certain very large ebook distributer would probably bury the book in erotic book prison, so I switched to 'Electrifying'. It can be purchased at most ebook retailers: Amazon , Kobo , iTunes , etc., with future locations coming out as it is distributed. The links are below under the blurb. What inspired you