Ten Ways to Strengthen a Parent-Child Relationship by Maggie Holmes

 10 Ways to Strengthen A Parent-Child Relationship:

a guest post by Maggie Holmes

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As a parent, it is important that you realize that there is no perfect family. Parents often think that they are doing what's best for their kids, but you have to understand that some actions might not be healthy for them. Even though arguments and misunderstandings are normal to have, butting heads too much can cause you to drift apart, and that is a parent's worst nightmare. Here are ten ways you can straighten your relationship with your child. 


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Hug Each Other on a Daily Basis

Physical contact is one of the ways a parent can bond with their child, no matter how old they are. Physical contact is very important for your child's health. When you are hugging every day, you are letting them know that they aren't alone and that you are there for emotional support.

Get Rid of All the Technology When Hanging Out

As we live in such a technologically advanced world, it can be tough to take a moment and be detached from technology. 


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But that is a very important step when it comes to strengthening your relationship with your kids. When you are spending time with your kids, make sure that you are living in the moment instead of answering emails or scrolling on social media. When you are in a car with them, instead of putting on a movie for them to watch, ask them how their day was. 


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Though listening to music and singing can be a great bonding experience, communication is very important.

Consult with Them Before Large Decision Making

One of the most important things you need to do when you are building a relationship with your child is to include them in decision making. 


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Even if the decision doesn't affect them directly or you know that you won't do as they like, it is important to ask them because they will feel appreciated. It will also teach them to form arguments, which is a very important skill to have later on in life. 

Encourage Emotions Instead of Shutting them Out

We all know that emotions are very messy, but they are one of the most important things. Even though it's quite hard when you are in the middle of a heated argument, never discuss their feelings and shut them off. Always promote talking about what you are feeling and articulating the emotions they are feeling. 


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If you constantly shut them down when they are trying to express their emotions, they will start bottling them up and then explode. Doing that is also considered emotional abuse. It will cause your relationship to take a turn for worse.

Create Fun Rituals

One of the best ways you can strengthen your relationship with your child is to have rituals where you will only be spending time with them. 


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If you are a busy parent who doesn't have enough free time to have dates with their child, you can take activities such as going to a dentist office and use them as one on one time. To make it more proactive, Google ‘kids dentist near me to find the nearest clinic to save time so you can spend more time together after the appointment. 


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Keep an Eye on Their Little Joys

Fuel little things that make them happy. 


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If your child likes something specific, make sure that you encourage it and make them proud of what they like. Buy them things to go with that theme and they will feel loved, noticed and appreciated. 


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Always Listen to Understand, Not with the Intent to React

When your child is telling you something, instead of letting your emotions guide your reactions, always take the time to understand where they are coming from and listen to their issues. Even though you might disagree with what they did, don't yell at them and make them feel bad. Instead suggest different ways he or she could've acted.

Respect Their Boundaries

Every single child is different. Therefore, they will have different wants and needs. If you don't want to have a toxic relationship with your child, you must understand and respect their boundaries. If they don't like physical touch, don't force it upon them. Showing that you understand their boundaries will make you closer.

Say “I love you” More Often

We often imply that we love our kids, but it is rare that we tell them that in person. 


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Even though they know you love them unconditionally, it is still very important that they hear those three words on a daily basis.

Eat Meals Together

There is nothing that will strengthen your relationship with your children than eating meals as a family. 


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During that meal, make sure that all the devices are put away and you are having conversations as a family. The conversations don't always have to be serious ones. Make sure you have some fun ones too.


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Building a good relationship with your child is something that takes tough work and time. You need to create an environment where you both feel comfortable. 


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It is important that you as a parent realize that there is no guidebook that you can read to get it right and you will find hardships along the way. But that doesn't mean that you should stop improving your relationship with your child.


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