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A HINT OF SCANDAL excerpt on Eat Sleep Write

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A Hint of Scandal - An Excerpt by Erica Sutherhome

September 29, 2013

Excerpt on Eat Sleep Write

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Great 4 star review for UPON YOUR RETURN on Amazon!

4.0 out of 5 stars "Love never dies.", September 27, 2013
nanamama -

This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)

I just finished reading 'Upon Your Return' by Marie Lavender. If you like romance, you'll love this. It also has twist and turns you don't see coming. It will have your heart pounding, wondering how Grant and Fara are going to get out of the corners they are backed into, stay alive, and keep the love going. Great read.
Joy Redmond.

Book promo for UPON YOUR RETURN on Chris Weigand's blog today!

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Marie Lavender VisitsPosted on September 25, 2013 Marie Lavender is returning to the Dragon’s Lair for another visit to talk about another book: Upon Your Return.

Author Bio   Marie Lavender lives in the Midwest with her family and three cats. She has been writing for over twenty years. She has more works in progress than she can count on two hands.

At the tender age of nine, she began writing stories. Her imagination fueled a lot of her early child’s play. Even growing up, she entered writing contests and received a certificate for achieving the second round in one. She majored in Creative Writing in college because that was all she ever wanted – to be a writer. While there, she published two works in a university publication, and was a copy editor on the staff of an online student journal. After graduating from college, she sought out her dream to publish a book.

Since then, Marie has published sixteen book…

Interview on Linda Lee Williams' blog today!


Character Interview from UPON YOUR RETURN on Mariana Thorn's site

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Fara Bellamont from Upon Your Return09/20/2013
Mariana: let’s start off with you telling us a little about yourself?

Fara:My name is Fara Bellamont.  I am 18 years old.  I was born in Marseille, France, but I moved to La Rochelle after my parents died.  I have been the ward of my uncle ever since.  Last year, I returned from Cluny Abbey, where I spent the better part of my childhood.

Mariana: Here’s a fun one. What was the first thought you had when you woke up today?

Fara: I woke up hoping for adventure or some kind of change in my life.

Mariana: What did your calendar for the past two weeks look like?

Fara: I have spent the past two weeks helping my uncle entertain his business associates and running the household.

Mariana: Who was the last person you spoke to?

Fara: My nursemaid Rosalie is very close to me.  And aside from her, I spoke to my good friend Helene recently.  I would have liked to have seen my uncle…

Awesome review by Serenity Jones!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender Some of you may recall last month when Marie Lavender stopped by for an interview! If you're a new reader, or just want a refresher, you can find the interview HERE. At that time, Lavender shared about her latest release, Upon Your Return, and I'm here to review that novel today!

Review of Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender

Our novel opens with Fara Bellamont, a little girl, with some very grown-up thoughts. After losing her parents to tragedy, Fara is sent to live with her uncle who, frankly, I don't like. That's kind of the point, though. He's a retched man who believe rather firmly that women should be seen and not heard, as they are merely objects designated to serve men. It's not said in so many words in the novel, but you get the point.

Young Fara doesn't spend much time in the novel,…

New Sensual Poem...A Passionate Embrace

A Passionate Embrace

My breath catches as your lips whisper over my neck.
My eyelashes close automatically.
The slip of clothes falling off only heightens anticipation.
You draw me close, put your mouth against mine.
Tongues dance, hands grasp, breaths become labored.
Oh, the bare scrape of your skin on mine.
The wonder we find in each other.
Pull me closer; it’s never close enough.

Your lips drift over my body, full of worship.
Will I ever get used to this much pleasure?
My hands clench into the sheets,
The inferno comes.
Take me,
Your body roaring over mine.
I gaze up into your lovely eyes.
Kiss me, move against me.
My eyes go blind…I see nothing but you and these feelings.
Make me yours.
Once, twice, over again until our breaths level off,
Until we kiss slow and hands claim gently.
This is bliss.
I love you.

Have You Cradled Your Muse Today?

Writers never have a day off.  Between promotion and revisions and tackling new projects, there isn't really a free moment.  Keep in mind, I'm not complaining here.  I have my moments where I try to unwind.

I take a day off occasionally.  I spend time with my fiancĂ©.  I watch a movie now and then.  I will watch one of my favorite shows, like Bones, The Mentalist or Castle...even this new show I just started, Elementary. 
But, the writer's mind is always working.  The creative brain needs fuel to live.  

Instead of food like the body needs, it thrives on experiences, environment and, most definitely, conversation.  Our experiences make us who we are, of course.  Without them, we would be different.  They also shape our characters because we can draw from those experiences, sometimes without even realizing it.  Where you write or where you go can make an impact as well.  And don't even get me started on dialogue or at least eavesdropping on people's conversations, on…