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News from Authors Database!

I just received some great news from Authors Database! On December 12th, I made it in the TOP 25 on Authors Database for that week. Here is my profile on the site. Additionally, I found out on December 22nd that the book page for Second Nature on Authors Database made it into a top first page search for "romance books". I would say the new release is doing quite well. So...double yay! Second Nature is my newest paranormal romance/urban fantasy book, also book one of the Blood at First Sight Series, and I am very excited about this series! The Amazon link is included here so that you can find out more about the book. And, if you'd rather view it through Barnes & Noble, here is that link.

A Special Dual Character Interview on Devika Fernando's Blog

Desiree and Alec from Second Nature got a spotlight on Devika Fernando's blog yesterday! Here are the highlights: Featured - Character Interview - Second Nature by Marie Lavender 12/19/2014   Today I'm having not one but two protagonists from an amazingly talented author and awesome friend over for an interview. Ladies and gents, let me hear a round of welcoming applause for Desiree and Alec from Second Nature , Marie Lavender 's latest paranormal romance! Desiree and Alec from Second Nature by Marie Lavender Dual Character Interview Devika : Welcome, Desiree and Alec. I’m so excited to have you over. Please have a seat. Desiree/Alec :  Thank you. It’s a pleasure (They shake hands alternately with Devika before sitting down.) Devika : As the saying goes, ladies first. Let me start with you, Desiree. You look absolutely stunning, by the way. Desiree (blushes) :  Oh, thank you. That’s very ki

Penny's Tales: Marie Lavender talks about The Allure of the Paran...

Penny's Tales: Marie Lavender talks about The Allure of the Paran... : The Allure of the Paranormal Genre by Marie Lavender My new paranormal romance/urban fantasy release, Second Nature , made me think ab...

Cover Reveal

Good news! I think I finally have the cover down for A Little Magick , the upcoming children's fantasy which is also the sequel to Magick & Moonlight . I am excited about the Magick Series! Here is the cover: Here is the first book, Magick & Moonlight , which is available now on Solstice Publishing and Amazon : And, lest ye mourn the fact that there isn't another romance in the series, don't fret. Magick Sunrise is a romantic fantasy work in progress that I have planned for the third book. Here are my muses for that one:   It's all very exciting, isn't it? Here is a little teaser from A Little Magick to whet your appetite: _____ Soon, her eyes began to get heavy and then she felt like she was floating.   Her eyelashes lifted and she groaned to see that Uncle Adam had picked her up and was carrying her.   “I’m sorry.   We can finish the show now.”             “It’s all right.   You’re too tired.   We can watch it another nigh

Advanced reviews for SECOND NATURE!

My new paranormal romance/urban fantasy book, Second Nature , just came out!  I am so excited about book one of the Blood at First Sight Series, and I am anxious for you all to see it!  In that vein, I just wanted to drop by and mention that two early reviews posted on December 2nd on Goodreads. Here they are: Donna 's review Dec 02, 14 5 of 5 stars Read on December 01, 2014 Second Nature Marie Lavender   What did I like? It’s been a long time since I have a read a book that hit me like this one did. I have always liked paranormal books and if they included a romance so much the better. This book has that and more! I started this book and could not put it down, the story started and from page one took hold of me and wrapped me up. The action and emotions were

Two great reviews!

I love getting those Authorgraph emails that inform me of new reviews! Case in point, I found the email today and had to check out these awesome five star reviews, one for Magick & Moonlight and one for Upon Your Honor .  Thank you, Romance Gal! What a treat to find. You can see the reviews below: Went straight to my heart! , December 2, 2014 By  RomanceGal Verified Purchase ( What's this? ) This review is from: Magick & Moonlight (Kindle Edition) Okay, I admit I'm a big fan of Marie Lavender's romances. Her novella, Magick & Moonlight, proved no exception: It went straight to my heart! That said, I couldn't help wishing that the story were longer. I wanted to explore the hero and heroine in more detail. Ethan is a complex individual with an open mind; a wounded spirit who needs time to heal. Jessie is just coming into her own as a practicing Wiccan. She'

Awesome new book review for Upon Your Honor!

I just found this 5 star review for Upon Your Honor on Goodreads! Yay! Pattimari 's review Dec 02, 14 5 of 5 stars Upon Your Honor is a book I bought, read, and think is an outstanding story with a great author. I was impressed and happy to know that this author had more books to buy and read. Marie keeps her reader entertained and feeling all the characters actions. She has a way with allowing the reader to visualize exactly what the character looks like and feels. Great job Marie. Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi, Therapist, Author, and VP of PnPAuthors

Interview on BooksOnline Directory!

Recently, I had an interview post on BooksOnline Directory . This is an awesome site where authors can feature their books for readers, and they recently started offering interviews. Here is the link to the Q&A, but I will go ahead and put the full interview below for you as well. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? - See more at: Hi Marie Lavender , thank you for agreeing to this interview. Booksonline : Tell us a little about yourself and your background? Marie Lavender : I am a romance author of 19 books. I am from the Midwest, and I live with my family and three cats. I have always wanted to write for a living. Booksonline : What are your ambitions for your writing career? Marie Lavender : I just hope to publish more books and maybe get my books in bookstores in the future. Booksonline : When did you dec

Writing and Motivation: An Author’s Blog Tour

It’s National Novel Writing Month and even though I am not officially trying to write a novel in one month, my readers know I am always working on something, even multiple projects at the same time (as evidenced from the ‘Projects and Writing’ section of my website ).   In celebration of NaNoWriMo, Webucator is asking authors to answer a few questions about their writing careers.  Here are my responses: What were your goals when you started writing?  That one’s easy!   When I was a child, I knew I wanted to be an author/writer/novelist (I used the terms interchangeably).   My main goal was to see my name in print on a book, and preferably in a bookstore.   Of course, I did achieve that, though times have changed and now ebooks are a thing.   It really wasn’t about fame at all.   My goal was to make a difference through my writing, and I hope I have done that.  What are your goals now? My goals can range from finishing a certain book or series to f