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Good news! I think I finally have the cover down for A Little Magick, the upcoming children's fantasy which is also the sequel to Magick & Moonlight. I am excited about the Magick Series! Here is the cover:

Here is the first book, Magick & Moonlight, which is available now on Solstice Publishing and Amazon:

And, lest ye mourn the fact that there isn't another romance in the series, don't fret. Magick Sunrise is a romantic fantasy work in progress that I have planned for the third book. Here are my muses for that one:

It's all very exciting, isn't it? Here is a little teaser from A Little Magick to whet your appetite:


Soon, her eyes began to get heavy and then she felt like she was floating.  Her eyelashes lifted and she groaned to see that Uncle Adam had picked her up and was carrying her.  “I’m sorry.  We can finish the show now.”
            “It’s all right.  You’re too tired.  We can watch it another night.”
            “But, I don’t want to.  I swear I can stay awake.”  Her lids began to drift closed once more, however.
            “Hmm…why don’t you go to sleep now, Rosie?  All of this will still be here tomorrow.”
            Uncle Adam’s low voice had the strangest effect on her.  Soon she felt the cool sheets of her bed beneath her and when the covers were drawn over her body, she thought this was what a cloud must feel like.
            She drifted off, dreaming that she was a rocket, shooting straight through the stars and the wind blew through her hair, lifting it.
            Sometime later, Rosanna came awake once more.  The room was pitch black, but she was not afraid of it.  She had never been afraid of darkness.  She tossed, trying to find a comfortable spot, hoping she would just go back to sleep, but she couldn’t. 
            Rosie turned onto her back and looked up at the ceiling.  As her eyes adjusted, she couldn’t detect much other than the shape of it. She wanted to open the window so she could breathe in the night air, one of her favorite pastimes.  But, she didn’t know how hard it would be to open. She thought of the crisp air she enjoyed when her family went camping, how they would all roast marshmallows over the fire and tell scary stories.  Before they retreated into their tent as a family, Mama and Daddy would drag her across their laps and ask her what shapes she could see.  She thought of the array of stars blessing the night sky, high above the treetops.  It was a nice memory.

            She noticed vaguely that a light had come on, a soft one like the nightlight Mama and Daddy had in her room even though she told them she wasn’t scared.  Then suddenly, she realized it wasn’t a light causing her to see.
She looked down at her hands and they glowed a bright blue.  “Something is wrong,” she whispered.  Her breath caught in her throat and she scrambled out of bed.  When she landed on her feet, her blue pajamas were glowing too.  She looked down at her chest and realized it was in her skin.  She opened her mouth and screamed.  Then she saw that the dark room was covered in a multitude of stars like the night sky at home or like Uncle Adam’s theater.  It was beautiful, but strange.  Why was this happening?  Was this the magick Mama did?  Could she do it too?
            The glow was still under her skin though, and it frightened her.  Her breaths became labored. 
            “Uncle Adam!” she cried as the door flew open and she saw him bare-chested and in a pair of dark pajama pants.
            “Are you okay?” he asked, then stopped short when he looked around. “What the…”  His mouth dropped open when he saw the stars dotting the room.
            “It’s in my skin!” she cried.
            His gaze swung back to her and his eyes widened when he took her in.  He wrapped her in his arms.  “Okay…ah, okay.  We’ll figure this out.”


I have a couple more beta reads and then A Little Magick should be available to the public. Yay! :) 


  1. I love that little girl...and am happy I got to read beta read the story. The cover is as beautiful, sweet, and magical as Rosie is!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Barbara! And thank you for stopping by! ;)


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