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Social Networking Part 2: Beware

*This was originally posted on my alternate blog, Writing in the Modern Age. Saturday, April 20, 2013 Social Networking Part 2: Beware by Marie Lavender Back in March, you may have seen my post about social networking and how useful a tool it can be.   I still stand by that statement with the exception of a few things.    Facebook is a good social networking tool.   Remember how I said to connect with as many people as possible to expand your presence?   You should.   And joining discussion groups on Facebook is a good idea too.  If you are published, your publisher may have its own authors group.  Definitely join.  It will save you a lot of unanswered questions.  Facebook is a really good tool. However, Facebook has this funny way of preventing you from adding friends like crazy.   I have been blocked before.   This is basically like putting a hold on your account for a certain length of time.   You can do eve