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Teasers to Share

Hi, readers! I know I haven't posted here in a while. I've been so busy with my other two blogs, Writing in the Modern Age , and the I Love Romance Blog , as well as keeping up with two writing projects. I am bursting to tell you a little about what I am working on these days... If you have subscribed to my monthly newsletters , then you probably know I'm writing book one of a romantic comedy series. The novel is titled Chasing Ginger . I am in that final stage which requires a bit of research, some last minute details and working on character worksheets. After that, I can launch into editing! ;) Here is a peek at the book I'm writing... Returning to her phone, she woke up the screen, eyes bugging at the image on display, as she sank onto the mattress. It was a text thread, for sure. The one with Lance. And what was that? She didn’t remember sending a picture to him. Clicking on the tiny icon, the screen flared to life with a humongous set of breasts.