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New Review for MAGICK & MOONLIGHT! Four stars!

I just found a new review on Amazon for Magick & Moonlight.  Yay!

4.0 out of 5 starsWicca shows true colors, March 29, 2014 By  Belinda F. Celayir -Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Magick & Moonlight (Kindle Edition) I love the story. As a solitary practitioner. I related with Jesse. I enjoyed the accuracy of the Wiccan rituals and how it depicts the true spirituality of Wicca. My only wish is it was longer and more Wicca was revealed. But look forward to a sequel.

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Interview on The Writers' Shack

Best selling author, Marie Lavender talks to The Writers’ Shack This entry was posted in Blog Books Life of Riley The Writers' Shack Writing and tagged Authors books interview Riley Banks romance on March 24, 2014 by .
Marie Lavender writes romances of all kinds: historical romance, contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense. She has a few time travel/reincarnation romances in progress.  She has written mysteries and literary fiction as well.  Marie has been writing since she was a kid.  She used to entertain herself and her family with tall tales.  These days, her tales are still fiction, but she has made a career of it.
In college, she majored in Creative Writing, intent to further study her hobby.  She graduated in 2005, and in 2010, she began self-publishing books.  Since then, she has published 18 books under various pen names including Erica Sutherhome, Kathryn Layne, and Heather Crouse. Two of her books were tradit…

New 3 Star Review for MAGICK & MOONLIGHT!

Received review copy from author for honest review. 
 Magick & Moonlight is a short story about Jessie going about her business one night when she's caught by the new resident in town Ethan. They are both instantly attracted to each other, but when Jessie gets home she realizes that he now knows she's a witch. Her grandmother told her for years not to let people find out about her so in order to keep him quiet about it she casts a love spell on him. But little do they both know that spell may not be working as good as she thinks. 
 This book was pretty short, but it was quite interesting. There weren't a whole lot of details, but I figured that was due to the shortness of the story. I liked the characters, and the plot line. So all together the story was a nice interesting short read. It wasn't great, but not bad either. It was interesting to read about the Witch part of it as well.

Magick & Moonlight - Scene 1 on Eat Sleep Write

March 15, 2014
posted by Adam Scull

Magick & Moonlight - Scene 1 by Marie Lavender

New Review for MAGICK & MOONLIGHT!

Short, sweet and magical, March 15, 2014 By  Devika Fernando This review is from: Magick & Moonlight (Kindle Edition) I was given a copy of Marie Lavender’s “Magick & Moonlight” during the book launch party on Facebook. Its beautiful cover, great title and two very intriguing excerpts had me full me anticipation, so I read it on the same day that I received my copy.
“Magick & Moonlight” is about Jessie, a Wiccan witch with self-doubts but also determination, and Ethan, a cop with a dark past and no hope for the future. When the two meet on a magical, moonlit night, instant attraction kicks in. Jessie casts a love spell to protect her secret and it really works. The two share steamy and sweet moments. Just when Jessie realizes that she has fallen in love with this stranger who all but worships her and understands her, the magic wears off and Ethan confronts her angrily. Ultimately, these two will realize that they belong together, though. There’s a happy ending for…

Guest post on Exquisite Quills blog

Thursday, March 13, 2014The Genesis of a Book - Leather and Lace by Marie Lavender
Start with a Title
My newest book is Leather and Lace, a romantic suspense.It was released in November.It is about a cop and the stripper he pursues because not only does he believe she is involved in a crime, he also can’t shake his desire for her.But, there is a lot going on under the surface of things.Patrick knows Angie is into something she can’t get out of, and yet she won’t tell him the truth.His only choice is to try to gain her trust.Angie, however, is a tricky girl and she makes him work for it.
When I first had the idea for Leather and Lace, all I had in mind was the title.That’s not normally how I work.The title is usually last.But, I thought it was an awesome title and I went with it.The premise of the story started to fall into place right away.I had always been fascinated with women who use their sexuality to make money.And I don’t mean prostitution, but exotic dancing.Though I have done a s…