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2019 Memories and What to Look Forward to in 2020

2019 Memories and What to Look Forward to in 2020 I hope you’re having a wonderful New Year’s celebration. With the holidays wrapping up and an all new year just ahead, it’s a good time to review the things that happened this year.  I’ll do a brief look at some events that occurred in 2018, offering highlights month by month. Because of space and time constraints, I won’t be able to go over everything, however. For more details you can check out my author newsletter archives  here , join our mailing list, and you’ll also find more information by following  my website  and alternate blogs,  Writing in the Modern Age  and the  I Love Romance Blog  (ILRB).  Let’s get started… Author News from 2019 January On January 1 st , I discovered that I had one of the top ten posts of the year on the Romance Lives Forever blog . Thanks for the mention, Kayelle Allen! Also, my science fiction romance, Blue Vision , was specially selected to partici