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Loss Is Difficult

Loss Is Difficult Grief is a complicated journey. Some people naturally slip into a social environment, and find a type of catharsis in laughter. Others respond by venting their anger at the unfairness of life. And then there are those who require peace and quiet, solace away from the rampant chaos of the world so they can somehow process the loss.  Today I feel numb. I am a private individual; I often keep a lot of events from my personal life in the safety of my own mind. Now I find I cannot do that. As it is still fresh in my heart, and heartbreaking in its intensity, I lost someone dear to me early this evening. People who don’t have pets won’t understand the bond that you can form with them, how they become a part of you; they are essentially your family. And when you lose them to something even so natural as old age, which we all must face as human beings, it still strikes you in such a poignant manner that you feel you’ll never be the same. 

Cool Giveaway!

Hey, everyone! Over at The Romance Reviews today, you can find a great contest for my latest book and boxed set for my historical romance series, Heiresses in Love Trilogy ! Yay! You may participate by scrolling down to the right question, then answering it (a hint will be provided). You'll need to be registered and logged into the site to play the game. Also, all month long TRR is running lots of giveaways for other books and prizes just by answering simple questions. So, don't miss out! :) Happy reading, and have a wonderful weekend!