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Wow!: 2015 Review

Wow!: 2015 Review As is my habit, I’m going to do a brief overview of this past year with regards to my journey as an author. A lot happened in 2015 and I won’t be able to tell all of it, but I can offer some highlights month by month. For elaborate details, you can check my author newsletter archives here , as well as subscribe to upcoming issues. Here is a summary during each month of the year of 2015 for me as an author: The Year 2015 January In January, my new release at the time, Second Nature , a paranormal romance/urban fantasy which is book one of the Blood at First Sight Series, received several spotlights. On January 3rd, Second Nature was featured on Connie Bretes’ blog . The next day, I discovered that Writing in the Modern Age , my guest author blog, was nominated by Katrina Jack for a wonderful award , the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. So, that was exciting! Three days later, I offered readers a teaser of Upon Your Love , a ma

Two great reviews for SECOND CHANCE HEART!

It's amazing what you find when you're browsing Goodreads! I just found two reviews I hadn't seen before for Second Chance Heart , my latest contemporary romance release!      Second Chance Heart by Marie Lavender (Goodreads Author) Azia 's review Nov 18, 15 I really enjoyed reading this short story about forgiveness and second chances. I loved the characters and the ending, although, I wanted to read more about these two. Over all a very sweet romance with a lot of deep emotion that is well written and worth reading.I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great short romantic read.              Second Chance Heart by Marie Lavender (Goodreads Author)

New Release Feature: Ashley Fontainne’s NIGHT COURT!

Today, we're doing something a little different. I wanted to bring a new release to your attention. Ashley Fontainne, an author I met on my journey, has an awesome new book coming out on December 13th. Let's check out the cool details, shall we?      Book Blurb   Judge Merry watches, her presence cloaked by the shroud of nightfall. Nothing moves except her eyes which focus on her target. No remorse. No regret. No second guessing the decision to end the lives of the monsters who turned her into a killer. Jury The peddlers of death from potent chemicals are found guilty. Punishment for their crimes--death. Appeals denied. Sentencing to commence immediately. The leeches who sucked out the life of addicts with each snort, shot, swallow, and injection will now pay the ultimate price. Executioner The idyllic world of Merry Marie Hall, once the loving wife of Harold and mother to their only child, Joshua, is over. Extinguished when Joshua overdosed and