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The Shock is The Worst

  The Shock is The Worst   Abuse can arrive in so many forms, physical and emotional alike. Sometimes I think the worst kind is the one that comes out of nowhere. Anticipating abuse is one type, and I truly feel for anyone who has dealt with such abuse for a long time. I hope those who do have found a way to walk away. But the type that really gets you is the shocking kind. Perhaps you lived for months or years with this person. You let down your walls. You trusted someone.  And that’s when it happens. Just out of the blue, seemingly for no reason at all. Somehow you’ve stumbled into a bad situation. Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay At this point, we must all make a choice. Stay or go. Observe, and see if the trend continues, or find a way to leave.  I won’t name any names. But let’s say I got the shock of my life today. A family member struck me. I am 37. I’m hardly a child, and I don’t need to be reprimanded for my words or actions. Hell, why not leave t