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It's been a busy month, so I haven't checked in here too often. I apologize. But I did want to drop in and tell you all about a book that just came out today! Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the blurb for Directions of the Heart.

Embark on a remarkable journey of drama, romance, and passion...
In all of these amazing stories, there's one burning love worth the risk?

Without You

Reece and Jenna are two childhood friends separated by time and distance. Can they find a way to heal their bond, or perhaps forge a new one?

Strange Heat

Spurred by her friend’s close call, Victoria decides to take a risk and prove the lifestyle she led was her downfall. But as Tory sinks deeper into the tumultuous abyss of desire with the mysterious Rick, can she climb back out before it’s too late? Or does she even want to?


Struggling to run her family’s farm on her own, Sadie takes on a hired hand, Matt. As they grow closer, so does the danger. Someone wants her legacy. Can they combat this new threat, as well as the demons of the past, before Sadie loses everything, including her life?

A Touch of Dawn

Caitlyn thought she’d be in the dark forever. But with the light came Jack, the police consultant who found her. Can they take a journey of healing together, or will Caitlyn retreat into the darkness of her mind, where she lived for so long?

(CONTENT WARNING: With an abuse awareness theme in this collection, there may be triggers here for past trauma sufferers. However, HEAs are guaranteed.)

And here are the buy links:

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If you haven't already guessed, this one is a little different from what I usually write or have published before. Some of the themes are dark and emotional, but no less compelling. 

Here is the book trailer.

And please take a peek here with this excerpt. Jack and Caitlyn with their novella, "A Touch of Dawn", are two of my favorite characters in the book.

She took one last glance at her room with the pink walls, the bright pink, glittery comforter and the knickknacks she’d collected through the years. A life had been lived here. A life she didn’t think was a part of her anymore. She mourned the loss just as much as her mother did. Grabbing her suitcase near the door, she fled the room and walked down the stairs, and then out of the house. She took one look at Jack in the car, and ran to meet him. 
He gazed at her for a moment longer than she thought was necessary. “Everything all right?” he asked gently as she got in and shoved the case in the backseat. 
She glanced at the house. “It will be.”
He started the car and drove away from the curb. 
Caitlyn looked out the window, watched the sights fly past, but in truth, she saw little. It was a blur, a mere blip against the overwhelming voices in her head. Her heart ached inside her chest, throat tight with the rise of tears. She wasn’t aware she cried until Jack pulled over into an abandoned parking lot, shut off the engine and drew her carefully into his arms. Sobs tore through her throat and she shuddered while moisture flowed from her eyes. “I’m leaving my old life behind.”
“I know,” he whispered.
“I don’t want to cut ties with her.”
“And you shouldn’t. Your mother loves you.”
“But I can’t be the same person.”
“No, you can’t. No one could.”
She clung to him, pressed her face into his shirt. He smelled nice, like cedar and musk. She wanted to truly return his embrace, but wasn’t sure she was ready yet. “What about your parents?”
He stiffened then. “What about them?”
She lifted her head to look at him. “Are you close to them?”
“No, I wouldn’t say so.” He sighed. “I still stay in touch, but I live a ways from them. I couldn’t be in the same place where I was taken. After what happened when I was a kid, I think they quickly realized I’d never be the same again. I was sent to therapists, whatever they could do.” His voice was tormented. “It wasn’t their fault I couldn’t handle everything.”
“It wasn’t yours either.”
“I’m not so sure. I was terrible at first. I got in trouble a lot.” 
"You were a rebel?"

“Oh, yes. I got a wake-up call when I was sixteen, ended up in juvenile detention. I came from a wealthy family, lived over in Portland in the Irvington area. At that point, I realized how stupid I was. How angry. I needed to change.” He sighed again. “I tried harder in school. Finally, I got some focus, knew what I wanted to do. I pursued Psychology at Stanford, to my parents’ dismay. I know my father imagined I’d get involved in the family business, in Thomas International. On one visit back home, I saw a news story about a child who’d been taken and hurt just like me. I knew I wanted to prevent this from happening to other kids and people. I wasn’t na├»ve. I realized it happened to adults too. And if I couldn’t avert it, I’d help them handle the fallout better than if they did it on their own.”
“You feel you were alone?”
He shrugged. “When you’re in that situation, it’s a bit lonely. So, I didn’t have a support group of others who had been through it before. But I want to be there for someone else.”
She reached up and touched his cheek. From his widened gaze, she knew she had shocked him and perhaps he wanted to pull away from her. She had that automatic reaction with people too. “I admire you, Jack. You’re a good man.”
He frowned. “Ever heard of transference?”
Her jaw clenched briefly. “Don’t be a bastard. I know the way I feel.”
“Well, then.” He chuckled. “You never stop surprising me.”
“I hope not,” she whispered.
He seemed to stare at her for a long time. Suddenly, he leaned forward. When their lips met, it was like a fire burst between them, a flame that couldn’t be extinguished. Caitlyn closed her eyes and submitted to him. His mouth moved across hers with gentle strokes and his tongue met hers just as tentatively. It was just what she needed, that careful discovery, and she responded in kind. His dark flavor was addictive, and after a while she grew lightheaded.
He pulled away, releasing a breath. “Wow.”
“I agree.” She touched her lips. She had been with one man long before she was kidnapped, and kissing had certainly never felt like that.
“I don’t know how to feel about this.”
“Me neither.” She sighed. “You can’t exactly call this platonic.”
“That’s true. Second thoughts?”
   “No, not at all.” Though her racing heart said otherwise. But, Jack was so good to her. For her. She just knew, even if it didn’t make sense to other people.  

I love those two... ;)

Plus, feel free to stop by our Facebook release party, which is running all day today! There will be lots of awesome prizes! :)

Well, I hope you get a chance to check out this modern romantic drama collection

Until we connect again, either here or somewhere on social media, happy reading! :) 

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