Reviews by Crystal: #SpotLight ~ Directions of the Heart By Marie Lav...

Reviews by Crystal: #SpotLight ~ Directions of the Heart By Marie Lav...: Directions of the Heart  By Marie Lavender BLURB: Embark on a remarkable journey of drama, romance, and passion... ​In all of t...


of the Heart 
By Marie Lavender BLURB:
on a remarkable journey of drama, romance, and passion... ​In
all of these amazing stories, there's one burning love worth the
risk? Without
Reece and Jenna are two childhood friends separated by time
and distance. Can they find a way to heal their bond, or perhaps forge a new
one? Strange
Spurred by her friend’s close call, Victoria decides to take
a risk and prove the lifestyle she led was her downfall. But as Tory sinks
deeper into the tumultuous abyss of desire with the mysterious Rick, can she
climb back out before it’s too late? Or does she even want to? Memories Struggling to run her family’s farm on her own, Sadie takes
on a hired hand, Matt. As they grow closer, so does…

Emma's Corner: Hello, world!

Hello, World!

Greetings, humans! My name is Emma (Munchkin Warrior) (Agent Em) (M&M) Mulrooney...never mind. My list of nicknames goes on and on. And as T.S. Eliot once told all of you insignificant humans about cats, we often have thirty to fifty actual names that even you will never know. For example, my mom (Marie) believes that my name came to her in a dream. Supposedly, she just knew who I'd be before she even met me, and was pretty sure that once she saw me, she'd simply know that I was the one for her. And she says it happened just that way at the Humane Society nine years ago. 
Hmm...I don't know about you, but I am certain no human could ever possess such awesome powers. Only cats have psychic abilities. We'll just let her believe she is that smart, okay? Not that I'd ever let any of you think you were in control.

As I was saying...lest you all believe you are the actual owners of cats (it's the other way around, by the way), you have another thing co…

Home of a Book Lover: Featured Author: Marie Lavander

Check out a new author interview, plus get a sneak peek at DIRECTIONS OF THE HEART, which is coming out later this month! :)

Home of a Book Lover: Featured Author: Marie Lavander: Bestselling multi-genre author of UPON YOUR RETURN and 21 other books. Mystery Blogger Award for 2017. A to Z Blog Challenge Surv...

Win a Free Book!

So, I wanted to jump in here today to announce a very cool giveaway going on over at The Romance Reviews' Sizzling Summer Reads Party

If you scroll down the page, you'll find a simple Q&A with a chance to win a FREE e-book copy of The Missing Piece, a new adult romance. Don't miss out!

Head over to the site now and enter the giveaway. Plus, there are so many other chances to win romance books during the rest of the month! Check it out! :)

Fly away, UYL! Soar!

In 2002, I came up with an idea for a story. This was a historical romance. I pictured the hero and heroine so vividly, fighting about politics, about the danger he faced in times of war. It was quite an emotional moment for young Fara, knowing what she did about the man she desired. 

But after so many years writing and polishing UYR, I needed to release it from its chains. In 2012, I was offered a book contract for Upon Your Return.

The series just built from there...

Fast forward fifteen years from its inception, and recently, the final book of the series, Upon Your Love, was released in February. 

Today I come to you, feeling as if at last the children of my heart - all of the characters from the series - are off on their own for the world to see. 

Below, you'll catch a great review from David, who was kind enough to leave these awesome words on Amazon about UYL:

"Marie Lavender's books revolve around strong female characters who find themselves struggling to attain their g…

Checking In

Hi, readers! I know it's been awhile since I popped in here to chat. Hope you had a great Easter!

Recently, I've been really busy with my other blogs, as well as writing and editing. Also dealing with some personal issues, but I won't go into that right now. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the Writing in the Modern Age blog and the I Love Romance Blog for updates about guest author interviews and other fun book related news. Additionally, you can keep apprised of my author updates through my monthly newsletter. I'll probably be sending out a newsletter sometime this coming week. ;) Plus, you can always check out the updates/news page on my official author website for events like personal author interviews, book reviews or other features.

In other news, Directions of the Heart, my modern romantic drama collection, is currently with beta readers. I hope to have this book released in the summer. I am really excited for you to read this one! :)

At the same tim…

Radio Interview on Thursday!

Mark your calendars, readers! The awesome author duo and hosts of the Haunted Nights Live! show, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross have once again asked me to visit. 

Check out a radio spot this Thursday, April 6th on BlogTalk Radio, on this paranormal themed show. What's in store for you? Well, you'll get a couple sneak peeks into some paranormal books I will have out this year... Woo hoo! :)

And, of course, we'll probably talk about my obsession with the paranormal. ;) This show is quite popular, and the Thorne & Cross team has seen some very famous authors on there. Check out the list of past guests here.

But it's all very casual, and should be very exciting! I loved being on their show in July of 2015. Fun, fun, fun! I look forward to the questions they might throw at me this time. Look at their Facebook page here for updates. Also, check out their Twitter handle and blog.

Here is official link for the radio interview. :)

So, catch us all on Thursday at 8PM EST for …

Spotlight: Rachael Stapleton Visits to Talk About Cozy Time Travel Mystery, TEMPLE OF INDRA’S WITCH!