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A TOUCH OF DAWN Chapter 2 & 3 Excerpt on Eat Sleep Write

A Touch of Dawn - Chapter 2 & 3 by Erica Sutherhome
posted by Adam Scull
February 27, 2014

Exciting New Review for UPON YOUR RETURN!

Goodreads Review
by(Goodreads Author)
Jonel Boyko's review Feb 23, 14
4 of 5 stars Read from February 17 to 23, 2014
This novel was very smoothly written, allowing the reader to immerse themselves fully in the storyline. Lavender stays firmly in the time period that she’s chosen, weaving her tale in and out of the social norms of the day (which she does take the time to point out for her audience, rather than assuming that they know). This is not only an intriguing and unique historical romance, but it was also historically significant. Lavender brings everything together in a multilayered storyline that’s about more than just the romance.

I quite enjoyed the diversity of characters in this novel. I really felt for the main character. She was left questioning social norms while trying to fit into them, despite the difficulties that her desires set in her way. I was left with one last…

February Message

I know I'm a bit late with this.  It's the same message I sent out in my monthly newsletter so in case you missed it, here it is.

February Newsletter Hi, readers!  To kick-start our monthly newsletters, I'd like to tell you a bit about what's happened to me so far.  As you probably already know, Upon Your Return was released through the Summer Solstice division of Solstice Publishing in February 2013.  The print version came out in May.  Upon Your Return did very well, earning bestseller status on Amazon.  As part of my launch of the book, I began to focus more on blogging and in that time, I maintained two blogs, Marie Lavender's Books! and Writing in the Modern Age.  In March, I began to accept guest authors on Writing in the Modern Age.  It's been quite a fascinating journey, helping other writers promote their articles and books.  In June, we started accepting poetry on the blog.  It has been so rewarding to meet new authors this way and see how…

New Review for UPON YOUR RETURN!

I just found this:

Sylvia's Reviews > Upon Your ReturnRead
by(Goodreads Author)
's review Feb 19, 14
4 of 5 stars bookshelves: historial-romance, smashword-allromancebook-othersites
Read from February 06 to 10, 2014
This book is a sweet historial romance with many twist and turns. I was pulling for this couple. It took a great deal of time for the events to come together. I much admired Fara for what she had to endure in her life and become the lovely woman she is. I just love Grant, even tho I was a little upset with him for his absence. He was always there for Fara. I would recommend this book when you have many hours to get lost in this romance.

A Character Interview with Fara Bellamont from Upon Your Return on Snow Tigra's Blog

Wednesday, February 19, 2014Character Wednesdays: Fara Bellamont from Upon Your Return Welcome to Character Wednesdays! 

This is where I'll be interviewing character from different books, novels and short stories.  If you're an author and you would like your character to be interviewed, please send me an email.

Fara Bellamont from Upon Your Return

Tell me a little about yourself and the world you live in.  

My name is Fara Bellamont.  I am eighteen years old.  I live in France in the city of La Rochelle.The year is 1863 so, as you can imagine, this is a precarious time for women.  I live in a fairly large house with my uncle, who became my guardian after my parents’ deaths.

Tell us your most closely guarded secret?

I have a dreamer’s heart.  There is nothing I want more than to have many adventures someday and to somehow find love.

Tell us about your single most important memory.  What was it and how does it affect you now?

I have many, but the ones that I hold onto include m…

"The First Kiss" and A Suprise Giveaway

Hi, readers!  I wanted to alert you to the fact that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the release of UPON YOUR RETURN.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'd like to do a giveaway.  I am willing to give away up to five e-books of UPON YOUR RETURN if you comment at the end of this post.  That means we could potentially have five winners!  Please feel free to tell me if you want a copy of the book and any past Valentine's Day moments you'd like to share.

Being that it is Valentine's Day, what better day is there for a romance writer to talk about love?  Thinking about this special day reminds of the "first kiss".  That's right.  The first kiss.  If you have a significant other, I'm sure you remember it in the finest detail.

I'll share mine with you, if you're interested.  Back when I met my fiancĂ©, we had both decided to take things slow.  That's what happens when you go through a couple of crappy relationships.  So, we kind of da…