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Hottest Male in Literature contest!

The Hottest Male in Literature contest is back at Inner Goddess. July 1-4 is nominating, July 5-6 is voting on top 10 nominees. They will also be giving a prize basket to a random participant.  Click the pic below to access the site for those days.

Don’t forget to nominate Grant Hill in Upon Your Return

or Gabriel Hill in Upon Your Honor

Celebrate the Summer Solstice!


Surprise Interview on James McAllister's Blog!

*These questions were given awhile back and the answers weren't posted until now so it may seem a tad outdated. My Interview of Marie LavenderPosted on June 20, 2014

Hello, Marie. Thank you for joining us. Please tell us a little about your background: where are you from, where you live now, your family, if you have or did have a career other than writing.

I came from a small town in Indiana. I still live in Indiana, but I do plan to move to California someday. I live with my family and three cats. Writing has pretty much always been my main job, though in the past I took side jobs as a waitress, hostess and call center agent. Currently, in my other life, I am the executive vice president of a medical devices startup. 

Do you have any hobbies, interests, or activities that you enjoy?

I love writing, of course, but I also do a lot of reading and I love shopping when I can afford it. I also like to try new restaurants. I am adventurous with food. I enjoy cooking at home as …

Surprise Review for LEATHER AND LACE!

I just found an awesome four star review for Leather and Lace.  How exciting!

Pretty Woman, June 18, 2014 By  The Kindle Book Review This review is from: Leather and Lace (Kindle Edition) The book is a good combination of romance and action, the first part heavy on romance, the second on action.
Patrick Dreyling , a police officer meets Angie Lewis while investigating a murder. They don’t actually meet. He sees her bending over the body of the murdered man, and she runs away before he can question her. He tracks her to the Glass Slipper, a strip club where she is employed.

Patrick finds himself strangely attracted to her. There was something about her eyes that fascinated him. He rules her out as a suspect in the murder, but he wants to get to know her better. As a result, he pays for her to come to his house to dance for him in private. Dancing becomes sex. Sex leads, in this case, to love.

Angie dropped out of college when her little sister became an addict. She works where she…

My author interview on A Lover of Books blog!

16 Jun 2014 Interview with Marie Lavender
Marie Lavender has written 19 books so far.  She expressed an interest in participating in an interview for my blog.  Below you can find out all about her latest book.

Tell me a bit about your latest book.

My newest release is Upon Your Honor, a Victorian romance that also has quite a bit of suspense in it.  The story covers Chloe Waverly’s journey as she stows aboard a clipper ship in an attempt to flee from the nightmare at home.  A handsome, mysterious gentleman offers to help her, but he doesn’t know the real reasons for why she escaped.  As you can probably guess, her past comes back to haunt her ​in many ways. I’ll leave it there for now, as I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Where do you get your ideas from?

My ideas can come from anything – out of the blue or I can be inspired by current events, things that are happening to me or to other people I am close to, films or books I read.  Anything small ca…

Surprise Review for M&M on Big Al's Books and Pals

Okay, I had to post this.  First of all, I started laughing right away when I read this part:  

"As a heads up I would like to warn others not to leave a personal item behind when you offer to drive the crazy naked woman home from the middle of the woods.) I am pretty sure Jessie did not walk out into the woods naked but no effort to pick up her clothes was taken, and from that point on my belief was shaken enough to not buy into the story as much as I wanted to."
I am not one to usually comment on reviews other than to thank the reviewer, but with this one, I feel I must say something to readers.  Jessie really did not leave her clothes behind.  She left her cauldron, for sure, but no articles of clothing.  You may ask how she got there naked.  Well, she does elude to it in the story.  In any case, here is the full review and I have to thank the reviewer for reading the book.  Thanks!  
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Magick & Moonlight/ Marie Lavender
Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Character Interview with Gabriel from UPON YOUR HONOR on Mika Jolie's blog!

Meet Gabriel Hill, the MMC from Upon Your Honor – Character InterviewJune 10, 2014 / mikajolie I had so much fun interviewing Marie Lavender, Author of Upon Your Honor, I decided to have a Q&A session with the MMC Gabriel Hill. What a great hero he is.


What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

I believe I am where I should be at this point in my life.  When I was a child, I wanted to be a pirate, but that was when I romanticized being a sailor or a captain.  It is hard work, and now that I am older and much wiser, I want to acquire a ship of my own and run it as my father does.  So, perhaps I haven’t achieved all that I want yet, but I am here for a reason.  I will attain it when the time is right.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I would like to be settled down with a family at some point.

You’ve gone on several adventures with your father. What was your favorite journey?

Just before my 24th birthday, we arrived in Falmouth.  We were to me…