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Which Will It Be, Readers?

Hi, everyone! Halloween's coming up fast, and we'll all be very busy so I wanted to jump in here and let you know of a cool contest happening over at Authors Database. Two of my book covers were nominated for the next book cover contest. Cast your vote as soon as you can! ;)

Allow me to offer you more details.

First of all, Upon Your Love, book three of the Heiresses in Love Series, which is also a historical romance/family saga novel, is in there. As you can tell, Adrienne’s eyes were fixed recently, to honor their unique violet hue. 

This is the voting page for UYL:

Additionally, the cover for Directions of the Heart, a modern romantic drama collection, was nominated for the contest. Woo hoo! Many thanks to Sherry Soule at SwoonWorthy Book Covers for her awesome work on the romance cover! ♥  

Here’s the voting page for that book:…

Don't Forget Poetry Today!

Guess what? Today is a special day to recognize the art of poetry!

Poetry is a balm for the soul. At least, it is in my opinion. Whenever we learned to analyze poems in school, I was more likely to admire the work than to dig deep enough to tear it apart. Whether it was Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot (..."Do I dare to eat a peach?"), Tennyson or even Aphra Behn, they all spoke to me on some level. I believe poetry can heal and make us think about the human condition. Which we certainly need a lot more of these days. 

Check out some of these links to the stunning work of contemporary poets on my blogs:…