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The Birth of a Queen

The Birth of a Queen Greetings, humans! In case you've forgotten, this is Emma, your feline goddess speaking. I have a little story to tell today... Eleven years ago, my human mom (Marie) came to The Humane Society. Two months after suffering a great loss regarding her longtime feline companion, she was ready to open her heart again. When I saw her from my cage, while shoved in there with my troublesome brothers, I deigned to look my best as I always did when potential foster families came to the building. I tried everything I could to show her I was sweet and a good kitten, the perfect fit for her.  So unlike the other two, right? It's every kitty for herself in a place like that! ♥ And guess what? It worked! The die was cast, the ruse a success. Finally, I was away from the nightmare, prepared to thrive as queen of my own domain.  I was on my best behavior while this lady signed all the paperwork involved in said adoption. I was e

Blog Tour and Release Blitz: Brooklyn Knight’s TORN!

Today, we're doing something a little different. I wanted to bring a book to your attention. Brooklyn Knight, an author I met on my journey, has a release blitz running right now. Let's check out the cool details, shall we? Have you read Torn by Brooklyn Knight yet? This new multicultural paranormal romance is sure to keep you on your toes!   ABOUT THE BOOK     I did not tell her the truth about what I really am… The circumstances surrounding our introduction are unimportant. The only thing that matters is that Sasha Wilcox is my mate and she belongs to me. A night of unbridled passion sealed the deal, but before I could tell her the truth, she was gone. Days have turned into weeks and there is no way I can be without her. I must find her and bring her back to me. No one will stand in my way, especially not the one man who thinks he can steal her from me, Stefan Miller. I want him so badly, and I have no idea why... The last thing I should be doin