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My Interview with Jessica Tornese

*This interview was originally posted on Jessica Tornese's site as she did interview me.  You can look at it here .  I will post it below as well. Author Marie Lavender Posted on April 1, 2013   Marie Lavender, author of numerous books, is the next highlight of my continuing series of authors. Her book, Upon Your Return, is available now! Read on for an interview with Marie and get a free sample chapter from her book! What can we expect from you this year? Well, my historical romance, Upon Your Return , just came out in e-book form in February.  You can get it on Amazon at     The print version should be out in May or June.  I am writing the sequels to this book. What genre do you like to write? What genre is your favorite to read? Romance, romance, romance!  LOL.  Anything romance is fun for me to both read and write.  I love a good love story.  I write both contemporary and historical ro