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Publishing on Demand

*This was originally posted on Nicole Galloway's blog here . Guest Blog: Publishing on Demand Posted on September 2, 2012 by nrgalloway24 By: Marie Lavend e r If you choose to self-publish either through an independent publisher or a publish-on-demand basis, it can be challenging. For my last thirteen books, I chose to go this route mainly because the competition is so steep and there were stories I wanted out there, but I was not sure how they would be accepted. I do plan to seek out mainstream channels, of course, but I will get into that later. I chose Lulu because my budget was very slim. It is, for the most part, free. Aside from dishing out a bit of change on the proof copies, it is very affordable. In 2010, I compiled a group of short stories and poems, and decided I would try to publish them. It was actually more like a  chapbook, and it happened to be a collection that I had turned in for a writing project in college. Of course, I

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*This was updated June 4, 2013 to reflect updates to covers.  This book is also listed on the website.

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*This was updated November 27, 2013 to reflect updates to covers.   You can see a complete listing at my website and my books are available for purchase.

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*This was updated June 4, 2013 to reflect updates to covers. These books are also listed on my website.