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Just Contemporary Romance: True Friends Are Priceless

Just Contemporary Romance: True Friends Are Priceless : With: Marie Lavender I’ve been writing stories since I was about nine years old. In most of them, a minor character – a friend – was ...

Some Authors Are Shifting Away from Amazon — Why?

I've been seeing a trend for a while. There are authors - apparently popular ones, for that matter - who have decided to forgo using the usual bookseller sources, and release their books exclusively on their own websites, sometimes with subscription-based services.  Being a reader of romance too, I occasionally come across these authors after a newsletter sign-up. Except, suddenly I can't find their book title on Amazon, and I am forwarded to a website that, for all intents and purposes, is professional, but makes the reader in me cringe.  Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash Why? Why, indeed. Why should I be forced to move away from my beloved Amazon, or in lieu of that, avoid every other possibility to use some random website that might collect my personal information and sell it to the highest bidder?  Am I paranoid? Exaggerating? Perhaps. Yet, there's a grain of truth to this line of thought. I doubt I'm the only book reader who has clicked off