Little Teaser for LEATHER AND LACE on Christina Cole's Seasons of Love blog

Thank you, Erica Sutherhome!

It’s a crazy week here at Seasons of Love…and a crazy week for me at home, as well. In the midst of all the craziness, Erica Sutherhome stepped in to share one of her books with readers.
Leather and Lace

Here’s what she has to say about Leather and Lace:

"I totally admire Angie in this book.  She is a strong woman who does everything she can to survive.  It is very hard for her to let someone in after being on her own for so long.  Not to mention she has a lot of secrets.  Angie has been described by readers as a woman who “keeps her lover on his toes”.  I find that to be a pretty apt description."
Tomorrow, Erica will be back with more about the story, and I’ll have information on a giveaway she’ll be doing.
On Friday, watch for Erica’s feature post about “keeping secrets”.

For now, here’s a little snip of dialogue to arouse your curiosity:

“Who said anything about sleeping?”