Excerpt on Eat Sleep Write

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Her tear-numbed eyes adjusted, and she saw him in the doorway. It seemed he would not take no for an answer. 

“Shall I inquire to Pierre why he was not escorted to the library, why we were not informed of his presence? At this hour? Really it is not proper, mistress.”

“No, leave us,” she ordered her nursemaid. The woman left the room, frowning. Fara pulled her dressing sacque closer to her bosom and drew a hand across her eyes to stem the flow of tears. She took a deep breath, aware that her heart was hammering itself to death. 

“I am sorry to have caught you at a time like this. I know your uncle's death has been hard for you.”

Recovering from her emotional turmoil, she took a deep breath. “Oui.” She frowned. “Capitaine Hill, it is unlike you to enter a lady's boudoir uninvited.”

“But can you really know, chère, what I am capable of?”

“Perhaps not. Yet there are rumors of your bedside manner…”

“Perhaps they are only rumors then,” he said softly as he sat on a nearby chaise.

Oui.” Fara shook her head. “Why are you here, Grant?”

“That does not matter. What will you do now without an escort, Mademoiselle?”

Oui, her uncle was dead and she had no one to look after her. But, why should he care about that? “Are you to fill the position, Monsieur?” she countered with a grin.

“Perhaps with your permission. Is it so funny?”

“Only that you feel you must concern yourself with my affairs.”

“Have I not done so since that first night in the harbor?”

Oui,” she replied. “But you are still in my boudoir--”

“Would you have me leave then--”

“Without permission…” she finished.

“Ah,” he exclaimed softly. “Then, Mademoiselle, may I enter your boudoir?”

She considered it, but with a smile playing on her lips, she answered, “No, Monsieur. You may not.”

            He stood quickly and approached her, lifting a hand to gently touch her cheek. “You are a tease, Mademoiselle. You like playing with men, I think.”