New poem...

What I Love

 I love us in our quiet moments, the careful sounds of breath filling the air.
I love twining my fingers with yours as we lay talking, it seems, for hours.
I love the look in your eyes, not quite brown but not quite green, as you look at me, as you kiss me, as you want me.
I love your total focus as you worship my body with yours.
I love hovering over that deep abyss, then crashing into it.
I love our connection – from the start it was like this – similar dreams, but different backgrounds, both needing so much to be loved – and we’ve found that.
I love the way you love with your whole body, with your whole soul.
I love the flutter I get in my chest when I first see you.
I love the way you pull me close just to reacquaint yourself with me; I feel so at peace.
I love the way you can make me laugh, even when I’m feeling sad, discouraged or angry.
I love your brilliance, the plethora of ideas that flow out of you.
I love your insecurities too.
I love you even when you tease.
I love your nonjudgmental eyes, your wonderful smile.
I love your strength and your quick wit.
But, most of all, I love your heart, for that is where I feel safe.  That I can always trust.

© 2013.  Soon to appear in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.