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Title: Upon Your Return (Heiresses in Love Series)
Genre: Historical
Author: Marie Lavender
Reviewer: Jo
Reviewer Email:
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
ISBN: 9781484978092
Release Date: February 13, 2013
Author Website:
Format: EBOOK
Rating: 4 blue ribbons

UPON YOUR RETURN is an historical romance set in France that took me on a roller coaster ride with so many adventures and happenings.  One minute there was happiness and the next would be despair.  So many emotions were drawn on during the telling of the story.

Lavender's UPON YOUR RETURN is filled with sadness and sorrow, tears, angst, happiness, laughter, adventure upon adventure, unlikely heroes and heroines,  family, friends, romance, love, hatred, enemies, secrets and a happily ever after.  The prologue introduces us to Fara and shows us her strength immediately.  Although it would waver she never lost that strength no matter what was thrown her way.  Her uncle, who was her guardian after the death of her parents, never had her best interests at heart.  It was difficult to fathom why he did what he did concerning Fara's life and future each and every time.  Grant Hill, a ship's captain, was her unlikely rescuer many times and they had immediate chemistry and a connection the moment they met.  Watching their interactions was never dull. There were complex characters, different locations and nice closure that tied up all the loose ends.
Lavender is a new to me author who has penned many books under several names that I will add to my TBR pile.  I am happy to see she is currently working on the sequels to this series and will definitely be reading those as well to hopefully pick up where we left off! 

SNIPPET— UPON YOUR RETURN is an action packed historical that pulls you in immediately from the prologue and doesn't let go until the unexpected ending.


  1. Thanks so much Marie for posting this. I look forward to reading your other books and the others in the series.
    Nice job on your first historical!


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