Poem - "Forever"


What is between us is beyond words,
But I try in my own little way to capture it.
Through terms, through phrases, even through the flowery symmetry of linguistics…
But, I fall from the mark.
I try to mimic feelings on paper like the bats in the trees mimic people down below.
I try to enthrall myself, enthrall readers with stories, with characters and even though I think I do…

This I know.
It will never quite capture what I feel for you.
When I say it’s beyond words, I meant that.
The touch of your fingertips against my skin, I drown in the endless hazel pool of your eyes.
The way we kiss, the heights of pleasure.

It’s beyond the physical. 
We connect, we relate on a level I can’t describe.
Sometimes you guess my thoughts and sometimes I finish your sentences.
We can talk for hours and never grow bored.
There are similarities and differences in our personalities, and yet, at the core, where it counts…

Our souls reach out and hold close.
I need nothing more than your nearness, your humor, your endless patience.
There is no other man in the world I want more.
It is cheesy, so utterly cheesy to say you complete me. 
And yet…

Those words aren’t far from the truth. 
There is some deep connection, something unique and even mysterious at times.
It has connected us from the start.

I look back on that moment, 
not the moment we first spoke,
But just before, the one where we both felt it was a blind date. 
For how often does that kind of arrangement work? 
But, there I was, in a blue coat, anxiously waiting to meet this man in person,
This man who had somehow impressed me and excited me with simple words,
and yet I’d never seen him before.
I was wary and so were you.  But, you finally showed up.

Those eyes. 
I somehow knew those eyes were important.  
 It was like I knew you before, but I didn’t want to overanalyze it. 
And what did we do?  We started talking and never stopped. 

I’ve never felt so free to be myself as I do with you.
So, I’m grateful for that day,
that moment you walked up to me. 
I am grateful for every day with you. 
I am grateful for your love. 

And I don’t have the words to express just what you mean to me.
It’s funny.  I’m the writer and I can’t explain it.
So, I will try to say it like this…

The universe is vast, limitless.   
Similarly, our love is timeless. 
You are my soul mate.   
No matter what separates us, I would find you.   
No matter the obstacle, I would cast it aside. 
You are my future. 
Only you.

There are no words to express how deeply I feel, 
how much in love I am with you. 
Just know my heart is yours.


  1. That is so beautiful. Only few find the kind of love you expressed in your poem. Congratulations on your engagement and your writing success!

  2. Very intriguing. I've found your link from LinkedIn. However there's an on going contest on love at http://www.creativecred.it/contests/love-lock-contest-information/ Do check it out.


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