I'm a finalist in the #MarSocial Author of the Year Compeitition!

Hi, readers!  I just wanted to share something.  I was chosen as a finalist for the MarSocial Author of the Year Competition.  I am in the top 20 of the 160 authors who entered the competition.  Here's to hoping Upon Your Return wins its own movie!  :)

Here is a bit more about the competition:

A Different Kind of Competition

MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Competition

In November 2013 MARSocial launched an Author-of- the-Year competition, which is extremely altruistic. All genres were invited to participate. The authors involved in the competition are promoting each other by tweeting and re-tweeting their own as well as the other author’s excerpts to bring awareness to both the social medial site and their books. Over 100,000 individual tweets promoting the international authors have been going out so far. The competition is presently in its boot camp stage. The winner and the 20 runner-ups will be announced on February 1, 2014.

At last a competition that is run by authors for the benefit of all authors who enter. To enter this competition authors simply had to post the most exciting excerpt from their book, (between 500 & 1,000 words and then tweet and re-tweet the excerpts via the Twitter button appearing at the end of each excerpt. MARSocial in conjunction with KeeranVaani Creations International Film Producers: http://marsocial.com/2013/11/disturbed-feature-film/ will present the M.A.R.S. Author of the Year Award.

About MARSocial

MARSocial.com is a dynamic social media network and a premiere on-line magazine for writers, authors, artists, and musicians. On M.A.R.S (Media Arts Review Social) members and readers have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive social network. Members contribute commentary, poetry, excerpts from original works of fiction, and reviews of the traditional, performing and written arts. M.A.R.S. is unlike anything previously offered on the internet. Writers, poets, artists, musicians, singers, dancers, actors, painters, models and designers can participate in the creation of a collaborative movement that showcases emerging artistic talent.

M.A.R.S. is a platform designed to enhance the reach of the artist on a worldwide scale; it also provides information important to members of the entertainment industry. This organization seeks to build an on-line, social community. A place where artists and art-lovers can display and discuss the fruit of their creative labors, subject to peer evaluation and governed by an appreciation for the freedom that inclusion engenders.

Below are links for some of the excerpts in the competition: