Emma's Corner: Take That!

Hello, World!

Greetings, humans! It's Emma, your renowned feline ruler.

Don't complain. It's not very attractive. I told you before that I intend to take over the world. My favored human slave, Marie Lavender, tells me that's a bit too much like Neferet, the villain of P.C. Cast's House of Night Series, for her tastes. She'll just have to deal with it!
Sue me. I have lofty ambitions. I doubt she'd ever be able to comprehend my reasons for wanting to be ruler of the universe. She mentioned recently that I snagged 224 views with my last post. Remember when I hijacked her blog, just like I'm doing right now (check out my introduction here)? Well, I'm aiming for 1,000 views this time. Like I said, one day I'll reach the world. And you'll love me for it. 
Marie, on the other hand, is a bit warier with the idea of a public persona. It's as if she wants a private life or something! Case in point, she takes more pictures of me, The Royal Cuteness - not that I can really blame her - than any of herself.

By the way, she never asked for permission for those shots. I want a written contract!
Still, isn't she supposed to be cataloguing every moment of her life to make it big as an author? Hell, I know I would! But I suppose you can't improve upon purrfection. Yet she claims she isn't photogenic. Who knows what that means!

Marie has been extra busy for the past week, promoting her new book and ignoring my superior self. How shameful! And drama...really? I have enough of a crisis every day, trying to get my human slaves to see how very insignificant they are. Okay, so I've been fed and watered (what am I, a plant?), but never worshipped. I, of course, don't count the times when she was petting me or brushing me (or even calling me 'baby'...please tell no one how much I enjoy that!). A slave is supposed to do those chores! But, I expect to be told that yes, indeed, I am the queen of the house and Miss Lavender will do anything I tell her. It's not a lot to ask!

Yet, I shall sit here and woe the days gone by, when I once ruled this domain. Forget those other two cats, Smokey and Katerina (Kit Kat). 
Don't say 'aww'...they're not cute in the least, or important at all. I am!

Remember it well, humans. One day, I will rule everything and you will revere this purrfect kitty before you. Until next time, lowly beings. I know it's not your fault you weren't born with this fur coat. More's the pity...
Now if I could just get everyone on board with my plans. 

Anyway, for the rest of you humans, I'm signing off... meow, meow, meow, et cetera, et cetera.

As always,

Ruler of the Universe and Supreme Feline,

Emma A.K.A 'the Munchkin' Mulrooney

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