"Savior" - a new love poem


You’re so close now it feels like you’re a part of me.
Our breaths mingle,
Your fingertips flutter over my skin and my body tingles.
I can feel the reverence in your words and your touch.
I’ve never felt this way with anyone.
Time ceases as we lay here, skin to skin, breath to breath…

And I feel so fortunate to have found you so long ago.
Or maybe you found me.
In truth, you saved me.
Maybe I could have stood the loneliness, but could my soul have taken the rest?

You made me believe in true love again.  You prove it to me every day.
You made me want to trust instead of live with my hurt, my doubts, my cynicism.
You woke this girl up to love, not to an ideal, but to real love…

The kind of love that sees weakness as human, even as strength.
The kind of love that accepts weirdness.
The kind of love that takes secrets, hopes and dreams, and keeps them safe.
The kind that stands the test of so many trials in life.
The unconditional kind.

Your hazel eyes steady me.
Your humor keeps me from taking myself too seriously.
I don’t know where I’d be if I couldn’t look at your face here next to me or even across the room,
If I couldn’t look forward to the moment I walk down that aisle towards you.

I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have you.
I might survive.
My heart would still beat.
But, it’s my soul you saved by appearing in my life.
It’s the love I feel unfailingly that you’ve inspired.

You are my life, my purpose, my heart.
Fate brought us together,
But it’s you I should thank.
My lover,
My savior.



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