First review for UPON YOUR HONOR on Goodreads and Amazon! Five Stars!

Marie Lavender has a way with words and is a sensational writer. This is book two of the Heiresses in Love series and in my opinion she becomes better with each of her books. Our book continues the story of the Hill family with this one about Gabriel, our hero. Our heroine is Chloe Waverly, just orphaned by her father's death. According to the attorney for her father she has just been betrothed to a very cruel man. Having no other family other than her grandmother in New Orleans she stows away on the La Voyageur owned by Gabriel's father. The story is very strong filled with suspense and twists you just won't see coming. Nothing is predictable and yet when love is involved it is the only thing you can predict. At any moment Chloe was in danger either from thugs trying to kidnap her or from losing her heart. Gabriel had made up his mind that he was the owner of his fate but fate has a mind of its own and he's in the same danger as Chloe. His determination to protect and escort Chloe to the safety of her grandmother is a responsibility that is very serious to him but Chloe in relating her circumstances left out the part that she was running from her finace and the finace was just as determined to have her back! The best thing I liked about the story was the vivid characters, so well developed and brought to life with the powerful descriptions.  Of course the story line was full of interesting people, places, mysterious plots with surprising twists, romance, delicious seduction, but yet fascinating with the play on all of the emotions.  At times I was crying, then laughing, upset with a fierce anger, totally surprised, shocked, full of happiness or in complete despair and then cheering for the good guys or girl but so completely drawn into the story that I read the whole thing at one setting.  I just could not stop reading even though I really tried to so that I could get some just kept playing in my head and I finally gave up and was so glad I did! I'm cheating a little on my review because part of this is the same thing I said about book one "Upon Your Return" but it says what I feel so well that I just have to repeat it. Both of these books are so good, not just romance or sex, they are about love, seduction, suspense, fear, happiness and put together so well and yet SO different! I can't wait for book three. GREAT READ!


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