New 5 Star Review for UPON YOUR RETURN!

Just in time for the sequel to release on Monday, UPON YOUR RETURN just got a wonderful five star review on Amazon! Thank you, David from the Kindle Book Review team!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fara has a Mind of her Own, April 19, 2014
  This review is from: Upon Your Return (Kindle Edition)
Fara’s Bellemont’s parents die when she is a child and her uncle becomes her guardian. After school at Cluny Abbey, she is of age to marry. Her uncle arranges a marriage, announcing it to the public ─ and to her ─ at a dinner party. When her fiancé, whom she has just met, asks if she loves him, she of course must say no. He asks her to meet him near the dock late one night. When she arrives she is attacked by two men, presumably sent by her fiancé in an effort to fabricate a reason to break their engagement. She is rescued by Grant Hill. Grant is a sea captain, and he takes her aboard his ship, notifies her uncle, and has his doctor see to her injuries. Fara and Grant fall in love, but a sea captain is not a proper husband for someone of Fara’s status, so her uncle will not consider him as a potential husband for her.

While it tells the story of Fara’s and Grant’s relationship, the book is much more than a simple love story. It is a story of the place of women, particularly upper class women, in France in the early nineteenth century. It also is a story of one woman’s response to her lot in life.
Fara’s life is controlled by her uncle until she marries and will be controlled by her husband afterwards. Fara, however, has a mind of her own and chafes under the restrictions imposed on her. People marry for power, position, and money. Fara, however, wants to marry only for love.

I fell in love with Fara from the first page. I found Grant to be infuriating. Fara did, too. How can a man not know his own mind? How can he not say what he feels?

The author does an excellent job, weaving the history of France and the social customs of the day into the account of Fara’s love for Grant and his for her. Readers who enjoy a Victorian romance will love this book.