"Pressure" - a poem

Sometimes I write poetry that isn't related to romance at all. Here is one that came to me last night...


Head pounding,
heart aching,
words tearing through her like swords,
her eyes closed,
she prays for the voices to stop,
her beating heart to quit its painful onslaught,
for the madness to end.

 Craving peace,
she ducks her head,
still resigned to the pressures surrounding her.
They will never stop,
never cease,
the voices blathering on about what she should or shouldn’t do.

The pressure builds,
she wonders how much she can take.
Tears echo like the raindrops above,
 mixing with her agony.

Yearning to scream “stop”,
seeking peace,
she opens her eyes.
The rain is gone.
The cement beneath her feet is calming,
her hands braced on the ledge.
The buildings stretch far and wide,
each edifice glistening as the new sun touches each surface.

 The light blesses her face,
She takes a deep breath,
Hope fills her weary soul.
It’s her life…her journey.
And that should be good enough.

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