5 Star Review on Reader's Favorite!

I just received some very cool news! Upon Your Honor just got a stellar review on Reader's Favorite! Yay! :)

Here is the review info below:
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Upon Your Honor Heiresses in Love Book 2 by Marie Lavender
Romance - Historical
361 Pages
Reviewed on 06/14/2015

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Upon Your Honor by Marie Lavender starts with a little girl, Chloe, being comforted by her father after the death of her mother. Chloe is told that her mother fell, but she soon learns that her mother took her own life. Chloe grows into a bright young woman. Upon her father’s death, Chloe is promised to Lamonte, who took over her father’s household and felt it was his right to take liberties with Chloe as well. Chloe escapes in the night to head to her grandmother's home in Louisiana. She pretends to be a boy and stows away on a cargo ship, The Voyageur. After a fierce storm, she is found unconscious in the cargo by the hero of the tale, Gabriel. He informs his father, the captain. They take her into their care and Gabriel vows to protect her. Soon they begin to fall in love. However, both are reluctant to allow love to take over. Will Chloe overcome her fears and experience with Lamonte and fall into the loving embrace of Gabriel? Will Gabriel accept that Chloe is the girl for him and finally profess his undying love?

Marie Lavender did a phenomenal job; her characterization is strong, and her detail to historical accuracy is impeccable. She describes the scenery in such minute detail which makes the reader feel as if they are actually there experiencing it, and the plot flows beautifully. The reader is truly drawn into this tale of passion and romance. I really enjoyed this story.