Guess Who and Meow, Meow, Meow?

Meow, Meow, Meow!

This week’s guest author is a cat lover. In fact, she’s got three of the little lovelies. Yep, I realize “cat lover” could apply to many of us! Cats are special. Maybe they’re even magical.
Our guest author’s three kitties are Emma, Smokey, and Katerina — also known as Kit Kat. Gotta love it!


Think you know who this cat-loving lady is?
Check back tomorrow to find out the identity of this week’s guest and see what story she’ll be sharing.
Here’s a quick look at what will be happening throughout the week:
  • Wednesday: Our guest author’s identity will be revealed along with the cover art for the book she’s sharing.  She’ll also tell “the story behind the story” — her personal thoughts on writing the book.
  • Thursday: Find out more! Our guest author will be sharing the book blurb with you…and not just in 25 words or less! You can read the blurb and find out what this story is all about.
  • Friday: Our guest author takes center stage today.  You won’t want to miss her feature post.
  • Saturday: Come back today for excerpts from this week’s book.
  • Sunday: Our guest author will be wrapping up the week’s visit with links you can use to keep in touch.
And now…let me leave you with this enticing little  snippet from the book our guest author will be sharing:

“Is there a reason I found you naked out there?”

Guess Who: May 26

Pop Quiz!

Guess Who

You’ve seen this little charmer before.

Yes, she’s been a guest at Seasons of Love in the past.

I’m delighted to welcome her back.

It’s a different photograph, but the same talented author.

Do you know who she is?

Be watching for a hint tomorrow.

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