7 Tips to Plan Your Next Trip While You’re Locked Down by Rebecca Siggers

7 Tips to Plan Your Next Trip While You're Locked Down:

a guest post by Rebecca Siggers

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Staying inside your quarters and social distancing is a significant aspect of the present-day lockdown scenario.
Vacationers all over the world had to force-press the pause button on their various adventures amid the unparalleled lockdown.
Presently, holidays seem like a distant dream for many intrepid explorers.
But the on-going strict measures eventually will lift all the same, while the country will get an iron grip on the Coronavirus.
And travel will be back in the cards! But it does not signify that you cannot start your planning for the next trip post-lockdown.
Fill your extra time at home, discovering all the fantastic places the world has to offer.
Read below a rundown of seven travel tips for planning your next getaway while you’re locked down.
1.      Get the Know-how of the Virtual Travel World
The world of the internet is a unique experience in itself. It is a wondrous world assisting people in passing their lockdown days.
Apart from work-from-home and online streaming of various flicks, the internet gets the outside world amid your four walls. 
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Explore the virtual world sitting on your couch or cozy bedstead while sipping a piping-hot coffee.
Most of these virtual tours are free of cost, guiding you to specific untrodden paths or locations of the Earth. So you will get a bit of realistic feel in this virtual world, by merely logging on from your sofa.
2.      Come Up with a Desirous Vision Board
Utilize your lockdown days fruitfully by making a desirous vision board. We all can dream of going for our next holiday while sitting in our quarters, but that is not all.
You can also give life to your dreams with the aid of a vision board. 
Sh1ra, Pixabay

Gone are the days when we sat together to cut and paste the colorful pictures taken from various travel brochures and glossies.
With the advent of technology, many online sites like Pinterest allows its users to collate images, links, and additional media from all corners of the web-world. 

You can thus assemble them into one virtual board to envision your perfect trip. This virtual mood-board stands ideal for your next trip, right after the lockdown days are over.
To make the same more realistic, collect all the travel-related details, like hotel stay, to touring across the city. Place them sequentially to define your perfect adventure.
The whole notion of forming this vision-board stands useful for travelers with a vacillating mind-set. They can decide stoically on which travel destination they should jet-off to next!
3.      Explore the Off-beaten Holiday Places

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Scheduling for any holiday is time-consuming.
But it turns easy after accounting the key features like air-flights, hotel stay and transportation concerning the travel destination.
Use your lockdown days to plan well and sensibly for your next trip. These days are the right time to utilize the extra hours wisely for exploring the off-beaten holiday places. 
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Image by Jürgen Rübiga from Pixabay

You might want to pamper yourself in the best boutique-spa or plan for a road-trip with your close-knits to some most-desired travel locations. 
Opt for a roof rack tent for your vehicle, and you can park your beast at any remote trek sites like a breeze. So, this is the right time worth exploring new locations.
Many travel gurus and world explorers curate useful tips and tricks regularly on various travel sites.
Take adequate time out to explore these sites, highlighting the holiday destinations around the world.
You can also get your hands on the maps related to the places you desire holidaying after the post-lockdown.  Explore them well. Turn it into a family pastime. 
Image by Annie Spratt from Pixabay

Sit with your close-knit ones and look-out for sites that are potentially beautiful or else unique, like sun-kissed beaches, lush green forests, or snow-capped mountains. 
Shifaaz Shamoon, Unsplash
Kevin Clarke, Unsplash
Short-list a handful of intriguing and less-visited portions of the leading travel destination.
4. Research Well
Utilize all this extra time to strike a pocket-friendly and heart-warming deal.
Yes, you read it right! You have the chance to find out some hidden travel charms.
Sit down to get into some good research-work. Head to the travel-led forums or any social-media related groups, and find about peer-to-peer references.
Read through the traveler review section to get the know-how of various most-visited travel locales.
It might be any café around Brooklyn or family-run local food-joint in and around the Phuket beach. 
Alexey Malakhov, Unsplash
Traveler recommendations lead to diverse quality-oriented experiences of which you might have never thought about. 
5. Stick to One Activity Per Day
While planning, decide upon 'one important thing' rule – and do not over-tax your travel plans. Sit your travel partner or family members down and decide upon one activity per day.
Then build-up an activity checklist. Or else, if you are in favor of stirring your adventurous soul, leave enough room for self-exploration.
6. Sync Your Travel Activity with the Forecast
All set for the next trip post lockdown days? But should you frame your activity plans following the forecast of your chosen travel destination?
After mapping out the set of activities that you might prefer doing with your partner, remember that weather plays a crucial role, and you do not want to spoil your future trip! ;)
Image by Angelika Graczyk from Pixabay

So, be adequately prepared. Many weather apps forecast with two to three months of climate detailing.
Make a checklist accordingly to safeguard yourself from rain or snow, depending on the place and time you plan your next trip.
7. Be A Pro with the Native Language
A trip to any foreign locale is like being able to connect with its native people. And it is the most beautiful part of any holiday.
Learning to speak their native language is icing on the cake.
Your holiday will become super successful as you find out a way to cater to the traditional cuisine of any rarely visited location. 

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay -- Source: Physalis fruit from Peru

You have the right opportunity now to learn the local language that you have dreamt of speaking for so long. Within your four walls, you can become a native language speaking expert. After you cherry-pick your next travel destination, with the aid of various mobile applications, online tutorials, and videos, you can get a grasp on the same language. 
Image by RD LH from Pixabay

Most of them are free, while others charge a nominal amount. So, why wait? Get into the groove of scrubbing-up on some native language!
Plan ahead!
The world is nothing less than an oyster. But with the present pandemic crisis, there is no lustrous pearl inside!
Until the time travel comes back to normalcy, spend your valuable time planning your best trip ever. Sounds adventurous, fun-filled, yet a bit unusual, right?
The seven tips, as mentioned earlier, will help you in figuring out what you require.
Any proper preparation caters to a peaceful mind while relaxing and reconnecting to a travel mode. Plan, but daydream too, and keep your spirits high!
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Such great advice, Rebecca...thank you! :)
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Thanks again, Rebecca! We hope to see you back on MLB sometime. 

As always, happy reading, everyone! Have a great rest of your week! :)

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