Empress of the Universe!

Exciting news! I just found out that I won the 'Broken Heart' themed poetry contest on Poetry Universe on Facebook. So, I earned the title Emperor of the Universe. Well, to be PC, I think I'll call it 'Empress of the Universe'. It's not going to my head or anything, but I thought it was fun and worth mentioning. LOL.

Here is my winning poem for the theme of "BROKEN HEART":


The Lesson

Don’t – Don’t make me the earth beneath your feet!
Earth just crumbles, falls away like ashes.
Don’t make me shed watery tears when I only want joy.
Don’t give me this heart-wrenching ache, don’t tear this breast with your dull knife.
I have a lot to offer, my being, my soul.  Can’t you love, even for a little while?
Wretched heart, stop beneath my chest!  It shouldn’t beat, not when it bleeds for you.
If I cry, the ache just worsens.  How can you stop love or stop pain?
You can’t.  So don’t –
Just treat me as your equal.  I am human, made of flesh, made of blood, made of bones that break without your touch.
Love me, that’s all I ask.  But, you can’t and you won’t.
I lie here waiting for your love, for your kind gaze upon mine.  I wait for naught.
But, you won’t stop.
So it is I, I the pebble that falls from your shoe – it is I who sheds tears like waterfalls for you – it is I who must stop!
Stop this madness!
Stop this pain.
Stop the ache, and count on rainbows.  You won’t change.
It is I.
I am stronger.  You – you are weak, dragging out pain, cutting down others in your way.
I can change.
But, if you ever do – ever stop, don’t expect me to wait.
For you.

(Note: This poem will appear in the future book, Miss Lavender's Anthology of Ramblings: Tales, Snippets & Poetry, along with many other works.)

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