Cover Reveal Feature: Ivanka Di Felice's A ZANY SLICE OF TUSCANY!

Today, we're doing something a little different. I wanted to bring a new release to your attention. Ivanka Di Felice, an author I met on my journey, has an awesome new book coming out on April 7th. Let's check out the cool details, shall we?


Book Blurb:


Taking up where A Zany Slice of Italy leaves off, New York Times best-selling author wannabe Ivanka Di Felice offers us more hilarious adventures in her beloved Tuscany.

The tenacity with which Mrs. Di Felice still chases her dream is remarkable. She yearns for the glamorous life of Italy in pictures; meanwhile, she’s the poster child for “forty is the new sixty.” She dreams of fine restaurants and scintillating conversations, yet finds herself among a cast of Seinfeld-like characters. And while the rest of Italy lives it, the Slow Movement eludes her—ironically, when spending time with relatives in their eighties.

The author’s mother once said, “Perhaps you are not living your dream but rather the one that mischievous bella Italia had up her sleeve for you—a dream that demands a full range of emotions daily.” Knowing how happy Ivanka and her husband are, despite life not always delivering what they wanted, her mother wisely added, “This shows that our dreams are not always the best for us.”

A Zany Slice of Tuscany not only gives us an insider’s look at the many beautiful moments of living abroad, but also transports us into a rarely seen Italia. Funny stories are recounted with wit and affection and don’t leave you feeling negative, but instead as if you’ve finally lived . . . in Italy.

What people are saying about Ivanka's books:


"Some books we read for intellectual reasons. Read this book as a tonic for finding humor in just about everything we encounter. Bravissima!" - Grady Harp, HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

"This is now officially one of my favorite books." - Whistlers Mom, TOP 500 REVIEWER

"The book is well-written and expertly edited." - Italophile Book Reviews

"This book is so well written, so refreshing and truly funny. Moreover, it is completely different from other books about la dolce vita in Italy, or any other place for that matter. I devoured it and I was sorry to get to the last page. This is a book to keep. Do yourself (or someone else) a favour and enjoy this Italian ride! Definitely a five-star." - Triene-Mie Le Compte, author


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Interesting! We'll be sure to check out this great humorous travel tale! Congrats on the new book, Ivanka!


Readers, mark your calendars! Don't forget to grab your copy on April 7th!  It's also available for pre-order in ebook format on Kindle. :)

About the Author:


Ivanka Di Felice is a writer living in Tuscany. She will assure you that it's far less pretentious than it sounds. She was born in Toronto, Canada. She is 39 years and 94 months old. In her quest for happiness, she followed Nora Ephron’s advice: “Secret to life, marry an Italian.” She’s written a book titled A Zany Slice of Tuscany describing her recent adventures. 

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