Exclusive Interview with Author Michelle Lowe

Today, we're doing something a little different. This is our tenth guest author interview on the Marie Lavender's Books! blog, and fellow author Michelle Lowe is visiting us. 

Hello, Michelle!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here. :)

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out and where can we get it?

http://bookgoodies.com/a/B014MUC7OAMy latest escapade into the publishing world has been my steampunk action/adventure novel, Legacy. The story begins with a ruthless lord, Tarquin Norwich, searching for Indigo Peachtree, the toy-maker, and his journal. A witch tells him that in order to find them, he’ll need two outlaw brothers, Pierce Landcross and his brother, Joaquin. Once the two are found, the real adventure begins! 

Legacy was released on the 29th of last month, and is available at Amazon.com.


Is there anything that prompted Legacy? Something that inspired you? 

I’ve always loved action/ adventure fantasy stories. Growing-up, I’d watch films like The Neverending Story, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, The Last Unicorn, Enemy Mine, and so on. I fell in love with it all and wanted to somehow be part of it. With Legacy, I aimed to create a world of fantasy that offers loads of mystery and packed with adventurous characters. And I wanted to use steampunk because in that genre there is so much that can be done with it. Basically, what inspired me to write Legacy was the need to create my own fantasy kind of story. 

How exciting!

When did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I discovered that I wanted to be a serious writer at the age of nineteen when I attended college for graphic design. Ever since, I’ve worked very hard to become the writer I am today, though there is always room to learn. 

That's true.

So, do you have any favorite authors?

My favorite author is Neil Gaiman. The man is an excellent yarn spinner.
All right.

Do you write in a specific place, Michelle? Or time of day? 

I usually write my first drafts in a good old-fashioned notebook so that I can go just about anywhere to write without being stuck in front of a computer. The best times for me to write is in the evening with my notebook, and then in the morning, typing it all in on my computer.   

I am old school with my writing sometimes as well!  ;)
So, are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers? Any advice?

It’s very tempting nowadays with the easy access to free self-publishing, but take heed in being too hasty about throwing your work out there. Take your time to get it written out first before you have it edited nicely by someone other than you. Writing is an art form and should not be unveiled until its completion. And first and foremost, write what you love, don’t follow trends, write for yourself, and write your first draft with as much passion as you can muster. Letting yourself go completely in that first draft, without worrying about perfection, will set your imagination, and the story free!

Oh, I completely agree. That's great advice!
Thank you for stopping by, Michelle! It was a pleasure to have you here.  :)

Readers, here is the blurb for Legacy.
Indigo Peachtree has spent his life making toys for children.

The kindly old toymaker has carried a secret with him that he wants to keep hidden. Yet as with most secrets they tend to come up to the surface.

Tarquin Norwich has learned of a journal containing everything Indigo desperately wants to protect. When Indigo goes underground, Tarquin seeks help from a witch. The witch – Mother of Craft – tells him that to find Indigo, and his journal, he will need two outlaw brothers. 
Tarquin sends his children, Archie and Clover, across the English Channel to snare Pierce Landcross, the first of the two outlaws, while Tarquin and his eldest son, Ivor, capture Pierce’s estranged brother, Joaquin. All in an effort to find the missing toymaker.

As Pierce is being pulled back to England, his desperate situation turns around when he’s saved by a crew of Apache privateers known as the Sea Warriors. And instead of fleeing with his seabound mates, Pierce decides to return to England to try to save his old friend, Indigo.

Going back means Pierce will encounter old dangers...as well as face a past he’d much rather leave behind.
Here is an excerpt from the novel.   
His strange dream about flying machines drifted from memory. Again he tried holding onto the images, yet they only slipped away as his eyes opened. He remembered nothing. Pierce Landcross awakened in his hotel room after a day’s sleep. He had arrived just the evening before, tired and hungry. After eating at the downstairs restaurant and pub, he’d gone to his room and fallen asleep the moment he fell onto the mattress. He had stayed in the same position upon his belly until his body fully restored its restfulness. With a groan and deep yawn, Pierce rose out of bed, stretched, and went over to the washbasin. After cleaning his face and the rest of the sleep away, he looked at himself in the mirror. The room glowed with the afternoon light, giving him a clear view of the scar. It was his daily reminder of betrayal and heartbreak. Every detail of that horrible night played out in significant fragments; the punch that brought him down, the knife, the look on the cutter’s face, the abandonment. Every time he touched the scar, he could almost feel the dull, yet jagged blade tearing across his skin.
Ooh! Interesting!

Readers, don't forget to check out this book!

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Universal Amazon link:  http://bookgoodies.com/a/B014MUC7OA
Author Bio   
I’m the author of The Warning, Atlantic Pyramid, Cherished Thief, Poe’s Haunted House Tour, and the three part fantasy/adventure children’s series, The Hex Hunt. In 1998, I decided to start my lifelong journey into the realm of storytelling and I have yet to cease crafting stories since. Currently, I live in Irvine, California with husband Ben and daughters, Mia and Kirsten.