5 Star Review for ALM on Readers' Favorite!

Yay! I just received some wonderful news that A Little Magick got a five star review on Reader's Favorite! :)


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A Little Magick (Magick Series Book 2) by Marie Lavender revolves around a cute little girl, Rosie, who goes to stay with her uncle. Uncle Adam's home is big and he has built a tree house in the yard for Rosie, and has also made arrangements to work from home. He knows Rosie's mother is a Wiccan and though he feels a little uncomfortable when she is around, he loves his niece. Rosie makes a lot of new friends and enemies while staying at her uncle's place. Adam and Rosie get along well, but then slowly Rosie discovers she is a witch and begins to change, and her powers start coming to the fore. This story of fantasy is not just for children, even adults will enjoy the book.

The theme of bullying also runs through the plot, apart from the romantic angle between Adam and the cook Selena. All the characters are well sketched, especially that of Rosie. The book also conveys the message that with power comes accountability. The story is neat and simple and Rosie's magick connects well with readers. The narration is detailed and descriptive, making the scenes come alive while reading.

It's a thoughtful story for kids. Books with a message and moral are always good to read as children will be able to understand them better via a story. Little Magick is a good book and it's quite interesting to read how Rosanna deals with her powers when she finds out about it.


  1. Best wishes for much success with this series, Marie! Sounds great!


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