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posted October 25, 2013 by Adam Scull

Strange Heat - Excerpt by Erica Sutherhome

Short blurb:  Victoria Weston hits the club scene in order to prove that her best friend's lifestyle caused her to get attacked. She meets an attractive stranger there, but doesn't realize that the facade she puts up may actually cause more complications.


The soft, steady beat of the Latin music was a rhythm they followed instinctively.  Tory met his gaze and his dark eyes were bright with something she could not identify.  And yet, she'd seen it before.  

Every part of her was awake and feeling his presence.  She felt his hand resting possessively against her backbone and felt the entire length of his body pressed so closely to hers.  His body emanated a strange welcoming warmth, and she wanted to rest her head against the solid contours of his chest as he held her.