New Release Feature: Stef Smulders’ LIVING IN ITALY!

Today, we're doing something a little different. I wanted to bring a new release to your attention. Stef Smulders, an author I met on my journey, has a great new book that came out in late December (or I should say, the English translation came out recently). Let's check out the cool details, shall we?


Book Blurb


The experiences and adventures of two Dutchmen and their dog in Italy.

"A thoroughly entertaining read and a unique introduction to ‘the Italian way’!"
(Readers' Favorite)

"Smulders' storytelling artistry is wildly entertaining."
(Blogcritics and Readerviews)

In 2008, the author emigrated to Italy, bringing husband and dog along, to start Bed & Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni. But a lot of hurdles had to be taken before the first guests could be accommodated. In 2014 Stef reported about his adventures in buying and reconstructing the house, obtaining a tax number and a bank account, registering at the commune and at the National Health Service, importing their car and a range of other things that lead to a myriad of bureaucratic troubles. These problems were always resolved in a truly Italian fashion, leading to raised Dutch eyebrows and hilarious scenes. As a reader you will encounter a range of characteristic Italians, from sympathetic to villainous, from moving to shameless. Real Italians of flesh and blood, sometimes cliché, sometimes surprisingly original. But always worth encountering.


What people are saying about the book:




"Finished it in one go!" 


"What a great book!" 


"a comical, often downright hilarious account"

"Stef writes in a style all his own that keeps you riveted and thoroughly entertained."

"the true essence of the Italian people without falling into the usual stereotypes"

"A subtle, humoristisic and striking portrait of Italy.” 

"Recommended for anyone curious about Italy, who wants to learn to know the real Italian life.”

"Enjoyable from the first page on. Wonderful description of the Italian adventures.”


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And Stef is giving us an exclusive excerpt of his book, Living in Italy: The Real Deal!


When we bought our home nine months ago it was ready to move into. And now?

We are shipwrecked in the kitchen of the downstairs apartment. A single sheet of plastic between the hall and the sitting room is the only thing that protects us from the heavy dust of the building site. All day, we are assaulted by the sound of workmen shouting, drilling and hammering. A couple of hours ago the electricity cut out and it’s starting to get chilly in here. Every evening we escape upstairs via the dusty, grimy staircase, where we try to find solace by watching TV in our future living room. The living room is also separated by a sheet of plastic from the kitchen, the bedroom and the office. There are gaping holes in the walls in all of these three rooms, made weeks ago in preparation for the doors and a new window. Now they are serving as tunnels bringing in the draught and the cold. Exhausted and numbed from the endless turmoil surrounding us, we are staring out into space in silence.

We are hardly aware of what’s on the screen.


Quite a compelling start to his story!


We'll be sure to check out this fascinating, new travel writing book! Congrats on your release, Stef!


Readers, you can grab it now! :)



About the Author:


Stef Smulders was born in The Netherlands in 1960 and moved with husband Nico and their dog to Italy in 2008 to start bed-and-breakfast Villa I Due Padroni in the beautiful wine region Oltrepò Pavese south of Milan. In 2014, he published his first volume of short, anecdotical stories (in Dutch) about daily life among the Italians entitled Italiaanse Toestanden. It was well received by readers, leading to a second volume of witty anecdotes. A third volume is to be published spring 2017.  


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