Cover Reveal Feature: S.A. Starcevic's UNMASKED!

Today, we're doing something a little different. For our 400th post, I wanted to bring a new release to your attention. S.A. Starcevic, a previous visiting author to the Marie Lavender's Books! blog, has an awesome new book coming out on December 18th. Let's check out the cool details, shall we?


Book Blurb


Superheroes are at war, but not with villains.

As the first few rumblings of discontent start to make themselves heard, Ethan and his friends in the Protectorate will have to face their greatest foe, one who is all around—the public.

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And S.A. is giving us an exclusive excerpt of his book!


“On three,” Lara said.

We stood in a loose formation—Lara, hovering a solid meter off the ground. Gabriella, her twins swords poised to attack. Zane, his hands crackling. Greyson, the air whirling around him. And Android, elbow joints bent back to reveal nozzles. Oh, and then there was me—tensed up, prepared to leap into battle, trying to pretend I wasn’t shaking like a leaf in a Katrina-sized hurricane.

Yeah, right. Who was I fooling? I wasn’t like the others—battle-hardened and uber-professional. I still had nightmares about facing down supervillains, like when I’d taken on Lord Manta and almost didn’t live to tell the tale. As hard as I’d tried, I’d never been able to scrub his face from my memory. I wondered if I’d ever be able to forget about it. Somehow, I doubted it.

Still, there was comfort in numbers. Between the six of us, we had enough firepower to blow the roof off the training room. Our opponent? That would be the giant robot suit with twin plasma cannons strapped to its shoulders. It looked like something out of a Japanese cartoon or a sci-fi video game. Behind the controls, Flo wore a crazy-wide grin and a white lab coat, looking like Einstein’s blonder, prettier, wackier granddaughter, if he had one.

“One,” Lara said.

Her blonde hair floated around her like a halo. Zane’s face was as tight as the bolt-shaped scar ridging his brow. Gabriella might as well have been striking a pose for a magazine cover. We’d all geared up in our rubber suits, and I didn’t know about the rest of them, but I couldn’t move a muscle without squeaking.


Even so, I tried not to show how badly I trembled. Adrenaline had that effect whether I welcomed it or not. Up in the control room, General Slade watched over us, his gunmetal gaze assessing. We couldn’t afford to mess up.


It was go time. Lara rocketed up and then dived down, fists outstretched. The giant robot moved with a whir of gears and pistons, slamming a fist into her and sending her pin wheeling backward. She crashed against the wall and slid down, managing to slow her descent before dropping to the floor.

Zane shoved out his hands, hurling twin bolts of lightning, which sparked against the giant robot’s metal shell like tinfoil in a microwave. Still, it didn’t make a dent, and a moment later, the beams snapped off. From the rise and fall of his shoulders, I could tell he was spent. Damn. We weren’t off to a sizzling start.

That was where Gabriella came in. Like a wraith, she sprinted across the distance, going in zigzags, dodging and ducking and weaving. The giant robot twisted around, tried to squash her, but she was too quick, too nimble. With a few quick jumps, she scaled its torso like the world’s most agile Everest-climber. She raised her swords, preparing to sink them into its metal shell, but before she could achieve her goal, its gauntleted fist detached from its arm, swooped around like a heat-seeking missile and knocked her off her perch. I winced at the crunch, but she managed to cavort in midair and land in a crouch. Still, her scowl showed she was more than a little miffed.

Next, it was Greyson’s turn. He gestured, and two spinning air elementals materialized, whirling over with howling war cries. I gave a silent cheer of support. However, that was when there was a sound like wind turbines revving up, and the machine’s shoulder cannons glowed white-green. Uh-oh, I thought. There was an explosion of light and twin beams obliterated the elementals, but the blast didn’t stop there.

The next few moments happened as if in slow motion. I glimpsed Flo pounding at the controls, the panic plain on her face as she realized she was unable to shut it off. And I saw the surprise on Greyson’s face as the shafts of light swept toward him. He didn’t move. He couldn’t move, like a deer caught in headlights. I thought I could see the reflection of the light in his gaze.

I stepped forward without thinking, bracing for impact. When the beams hit me, I stumbled. I could feel the atoms whizzing around, like little bubbles in a tall glass of soda, carbonating my blood. Still, I ignored the rush it gave me and pushed, pushed, back. I strained muscles I didn’t even know I had, physical and mental. It was all I could do not to lose it and self-combust like a satellite crashing out of orbit. That wouldn’t be helpful.

Without warning, the energy snapped off, and I was left blinking away the little fuzzy dots and trying not to pass out. When my vision cleared and I could be sure I wasn’t about to keel over, I noticed Android standing next to the machine, holding what looked like a giant aux cord. It took me a second to process what had just happened. Android had yanked out the power, I realized, and just in the nick of time. Much longer and I would’ve ended up like Mom’s Christmas turkey dinner after it’d been left in the oven for too long.

A hiss of static, and General Slade’s voice crackled out of the PA. “Good job, everyone. Nice teamwork.”

A trap door popped open, and Flo wedged her head out of the machine. Her hair stuck up at odd angles, kind of like bird feathers, and she looked frazzled. Still, she beamed. “That,” she said, “was awesome."

Cool! We'll be sure to check out this great superhero story! Congrats on the new book, S.A.!


Readers, you can grab it on pre-order now! :)

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S. A. Starcevic wanted to be a superhero when he was little, but nowadays he settles for the next best thing: writing about them. You can snag UNTOUCHABLE (signed with Forever More Publishing) at a whole bunch of places. When he’s not slaving over the other books in the series, he blogs about writing, publishing and world domination at Bookshelf of Doom.

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