Coming Soon - LEATHER AND LACE - Excerpt

LEATHER AND LACE is coming soon!
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November 15, 2013
by Adam Scull
Leather and Lace - Excerpt by Erica Sutherhome

Angie Lewis rang the doorbell, impressed by the size of the house.  Knowing the market well enough, she figured the house had to have cost a good $700,000.  How many wealthy men were single though?  Probably not too many.  Though she wondered if the man who owned the house was actually married instead.  Maybe his wife was away? His children?  It was clearly a house for a family. Though the thought made her skin crawl, she shrugged.  It didn’t matter.  She had a job to do.  She needed the money.  Her landlord was not a patient man.  And she had other debts to pay.
When the door opened, a man in dark slacks and a blue dress shirt appeared.  He was muscular, had dark hair and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen.
Her eyebrows shot up as recognition came to her.  “You!  What the-“
With a firm grip, he steered her inside, then shut the door. “Don’t jump to conclusions. This is a simple business proposition, all right? I have an agreement with your boss.”
She frowned.  “This is because of what happened, isn’t it?”
“I won’t deny that you left an impression on me then.  So yes, I pursued you because of that.”
“I don’t want any trouble.” God, she hated cops.  And if Louis found out, she was in big trouble.
“Then it’s fine if you have nothing to hide.”
Her eyes narrowed.  “I don’t know anything.”
“You didn’t know that man?”
She shook her head.
“That’s not what it looked like.”
“He was dead. How was I supposed to feel?  Anyone would have felt bad.”
He nodded.  “That’s what I thought.  Were you the caller?”
She nodded. “Why did you go to all this trouble?  Hiring me?”
He shrugged. “There’s more than one reason to have brought you here.”
She frowned. “But, you’re a cop. I don’t understand.  Are you sure I’m not in some kind of trouble?”
“No.”  He cocked his head.  “Have you committed a crime?”
“Not that I recall.  As far as I know, dancing isn’t a crime.” She sighed. “You have to admit, this is all very strange.”
She threw up her hands.  “Well, it’s not every day that a cop pays for private sessions with an exotic dancer.”
“No, I suppose not.”  He frowned.  “It’s not like I make a habit of this either. In fact, other than in a professional capacity, I’ve never paid for the services of someone like you.”
“Someone like me? Are you implying that I’m a prostitute?”
“No, I never said that.”
“Then, why did you hire me?  Is this a trick to get me to testify or something?”
“No.  Just calm down.”
“Calm down?!” And then with a swift move, he had backed her up to the wall, placed a palm on either side of her, and smothered her protests with his mouth. His lips were slow and questing on hers, but hesitant to invade further. 
Her heartbeat quickened and she parted her lips in response. When his tongue touched hers, she remembered the exchange of money.  She hadn’t been hired for this too.  She shoved at his overpowering chest and finally, he eased back.
He lifted a brow in response.  “It’s a little too late to fight me, isn’t it?”
She lifted her chin a fraction higher, aware that her response had been telling. “You didn’t hire me for this.  It’s not in my contract.  And I don’t give away my favors freely.”
“This is just a job.”
“I was hoping it could be more than just about the job.”
“You thought wrong.”
“Maybe. We’ll see.”